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2.5 Years Old Today!

5 Feb

I have hit many milestones since I turned 2, but the big one is that I am officially talking! I comprehend English, Tagalog and Japanese, but I am showing a preference for English when I speak. I am mainly babbling to myself but my vocabulary has more than doubled since August! I like to repeat what I hear but I also spontaneously say things like, “Here you go!” without anyone really teaching me.

For about a month now, I have been going to a wonderful Japanese pre-school in Santa Monica — SMAP Childcare. I love it! If you check out Mama’s flickr photostream, you’re bound to see shots of me at school.

I am growing so fast! I think I’m ready to be a kuya (big brother) to my new cousin who is due to arrive in early March! So far, I have been giving her lots of love and kisses when I see Tita Ging.


  • I am approximately 3 ft. 0.5 in.
  • I weigh 32.6 lbs.
  • I am still a train fanatic.
  • I am still a Pixar Cars fanatic
  • I love to do yoga poses (especially during dance parties).
  • I love to whisper. (Mama thinks this is half-scary, half-cute.)
  • I love to speak in my special baby dinosaur voice.
  • I love to show off my air guitar moves.
  • I love to blow out candles.
  • I am always trying to take off my jacket, pants or socks.  At home, I like to walk around with just a t-shirt and diapers on.
  • I have heart-melting facial expressions before, during and after consuming sweets/special treats.
  • I enjoy making Mama and Papa kiss each other and kiss me.
  • I enjoy singing “A is for Apple” Song by Richard Scarry at bedtime.
  • I can carry a tune. (“Twinkle Twinkle”, “Happy Birthday”, etc.)
  • I can wink.
  • At the beginning of meals, I do the sign of the cross as my いただきます(Let’s eat!) gesture. (I am very well-trained by Lola and Lolo.)


  1. あか (red)
  2. あお (blue)
  3. みどり(green)
  4. きいろ (yellow)
  5. と(and)
  6. はっぱ (leaf)
  7. いち (one)
  8. に (two)
  9. ご (five)
  10. みて (look)
  11. あれ (huh?!)
  12. ごちそうさまでした (Thank you for the meal.)
  13. ano? (what?)
  14. apat (four)
  15. aso (dog)
  16. Ate (big sister)
  17. Ate Nuna
  18. baho (smelly)
  19. dinding (wall)
  20. dito (here)
  21. gatas (milk)
  22. hindi po (no, sir/ma’am)
  23. isda (fish)
  24. ito (this one)
  25. Kuya (big brother)
  26. Kuya Issei
  27. Lola (Grandma)
  28. Lolo (Grandpa)
  29. mata (eyes)
  30. o po (yes, sir/ma’am)
  31. pamaypay (hand fan)
  32. Tita (Aunt)
  33. Tita Ging
  34. Tita Lisa
  35. Tito (Uncle)
  36. Tito Danny
  37. Tito Ray
  38. Aiden
  39. apple
  40. ball
  41. bed
  42. Brandon
  43. bubble
  44. bye
  45. car
  46. cake
  47. cookie
  48. cracker
  49. down
  50. eat
  51. echo
  52. eight, nine, ten
  53. Elmo
  54. eye
  55. fish
  56. five
  57. go
  58. Happy Birthday to you!
  59. hat
  60. head
  61. help!
  62. Here you go!
  63. hi
  64. huh?
  65. kite
  66. Kylie
  67. M&M
  68. Mama
  69. me, too!
  70. Mickey
  71. mine
  72. moon
  73. more
  74. Niki
  75. no
  76. noodles
  77. off
  78. oh no
  79. oh, Toodles!
  80. ok
  81. on
  82. O-Papa (name for Papa’s papa)
  83. Papa
  84. please
  85. pool
  86. purple
  87. push
  88. ready, set, go!
  89. sorry
  90. ten
  91. thank you
  92. this
  93. truck
  94. TV
  95. two
  96. uh oh
  97. Uncle
  98. up
  99. water
  100. wow!
  101. milk (sign language)
  102. train (sign language)
  103. more (sign language)
  104. please (sign language)
  105. sorry (sign language)
  106. sleep (Charades sign language)
  107. thank you (Japanese bow)

So I Think I Can Dance!

22 Aug
© Photo by Ardith Ibañez Nishii

Lunchtime cruise on the "Spirit of Chicago" // 11 July 2011 // Chicago, IL

I am very proud of the fact that I can dance before I can walk!  I’ve caught the Ibañez-Nishii Dancing Bug!  Whenever I hear music that I like, I shake my head from side to side and bounce up and down or raise my hand up and wave it around.  I have many musical toys and I know exactly which buttons to press to get the music going.  But in general, all it takes is for someone to say, “Music!” and I can get my groove on without any music at all.


18 Aug

MMMmmmmm, originally uploaded by ardiddy aka Cedro’s mama.

MMMmmmmm, originally uploaded by ardiddy aka Cedro’s mama.

MMMmmmmm, originally uploaded by ardiddy aka Cedro’s mama.

MMMmmmmm, originally uploaded by ardiddy aka Cedro’s mama.

I’ve discovered that I like Crab + Artichoke Dip and…….. live country music! (El Dorado Hills, CA // 18 Aug 2011)

Last Playdate Before We Turn 1!

22 May
© Photos by Ardith Ibañez Nishii

Mason and I matching with our stripes!!!

Next week, we’re leaving for Chicago and Sacramento.  So glad we got to squeeze in time with the Bierners!  Got to see my buddy, Mason!  We picnicked and danced while listening to this really fun band, Masanga Marimba Ensemble!!!  When we see each other in the fall, we’ll both probably be running around!

8 Months Old Today!

5 Apr
© Photos by Ardith Ibañez Nishii and Brian Nishii

I saw snow falling for the first time! What a great way to end my visit with my cousins in Ithaca!

Now that I’m 8 months old, I’m getting more and more active.  Last Saturday, I took 4 consecutive hand-and-knee crawling steps!  I feel like I’m days away from graduating from my military belly crawl to REAL crawling!  I’m also standing up for longer and longer periods of time.  That’s with the help of a couch or a coffee table, of course.  Mama and Papa are brainstorming ways to set aside a safe, designated play area for me in the apartment.  Papa thinks we should put up gates to give me as much room as possible and Mama thinks we should get a large but lightweight playpen so that we could take it with us when we visit friends and family.  I’m not sure what I would prefer.  All I know is that I love to move!  Changing my diaper is always a challenge because I LOVE to flip over and/or kick like crazy!

Today, was a very special day.  I saw snow for the first time!  It’s still feels like winter where my cousins live!  I also met my Tita Mally and Uncle Phil for the first time on our way back to NYC from Ithaca.  We also got a chance to have dinner and play time with Uncle Wahley, Auntie Joanne and my new buddy, Jacob.  We hit it off immediately!   Hope we become as close friends as Papa and Uncle Wahley are.

© Photos by Brian Nishii

Dinner with Jacob

Smiling + Laughing

26 Sep

© Photos by Ardith Ibañez Nishii

I’m really starting to communicate!  For the past week or so I have been starting to laugh and smile as a reaction to my surroundings. (…not just as an involuntary reaction to passing gas!)  If you thought I was cute before, wait til you see my grin and hear my giggle!  I am even MORE irresistible!!!

In these photos and in the video below, I am reacting to a toy that Lola and Lolo gave me during their last visit.  (Mama had put it away in one of her cleaning frenzies and discovered it today during her latest cleaning frenzy and so I’m just now seeing this musical monkey for the first time.  When you press on its belly, it plays “Twinkle, Twinkle” and its cheeks light up red.)  I think it’s HILARIOUS!  When you watch the video wait for 1:23.  That’s when I really start to “talk” about how much I like my new toy!

Other things that make me smile:

  • seeing Mama or Papa’s face
  • eating!
  • hanging out with Uncle Danny and Tita Ging
  • hanging out with Auntie Sarah

Visit from Auntie Chris + Uncle Chris

15 Aug

© Photos by Ardith Ibañez Nishii Cedro is 10 days old.  Here’s a copy of an email sent to Cedro’s grandparents (Dan + Gloria Ibañez aka “Lolo” and “Lola”; Hisao + Hisano Nishii aka “O-Papa” and “Obaachama”;  Jeff + Louise Davis aka “Grandpa” and “Grandma”) and to our siblings and their husbands (Arlene + Danny Yoo aka “Tita Ging” and “Uncle Danny”; Lisa Nishii + Ray Kim aka “Tita Lisa” and “Funkle Ray”).

08/15/10 – 5:28am

my best friend, chris, and her husband (also named chris) are visiting us right now from san francisco.  auntie chris spoiled us yesterday with a coconut crusted french toast breakfast w/ maple syrup and tomato-spinach pasta for lunch.  uncle chris also looked after Baby C while auntie chris, tita ging, and i were out running errands for ging’s wedding.  we were able to get a lot done in the 2-hour window between feedings!

another fun new thing from today is that we discovered that cedro enjoys opera!  auntie chris was holding him and playing a “Three Tenors” album from her iPhone and explaining the different stories to him while he was sleeping.  he laughed out loud in his sleep at least 3 times!  i think i captured that on video.

that’s all for now.  i thought you might also enjoy this comparison of the ABC baby pix.  see attachment.


ABC's baby pictures

Brian, Ardith + Cedro's Baby Pix