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Tagalog Class

7 May

Cedro + Audrey in Pasadena

Half-Filipino 100% Adorable Friends – Thanks to Audrey we found out about // 07 May 2017

Today, Cedro started Tagalog class in Pasadena. With only 5 sessions once a week, I’m not expecting much. I’m just thrilled to give him the opportunity to be exposed to more Filipino culture with kids his age. It’s also a great excuse to hang out with our friends in the area!

Check out for more info.  Tayo na!

Like Brother, Like Sister

29 Mar
Waiting for Drae to get X-rays in Urgent Care room

Urgent Care – waiting for Drae to get x-rays // 28 March 2017

Another unfortunate first. Drae fractured her right clavicle.  What?  Wasn’t it just yesterday when Cedro broke his arm?

She jumped from the slide in the kids’ bedroom and collided with Kuya Cedro and landed on the ground on her right shoulder.  

She calmed down almost immediately thanks to YouTube Kids.  We didn’t know for sure if she had broken anything since she was so calm.  What a trooper.  (Reminds me of when my grandma had broken her leg while watering the plants in the backyard — in wedge sandals, no less — and silently crawled-slash-dragged herself back into the house by herself.)

A trip to Urgent Care and an after-hours Ortho Clinic confirmed that Drae had indeed fractured her collarbone.  The good news was that it was a clean break and wouldn’t need to be reset.  The bad news was that there isn’t really much you could do other than put her arm in a sling and give her pain meds.  She immediately rejected both so this may be a long road for a full recovery.

That night she repeated over and over in her sleep, “WHY did I DO this?!… WHYYYYYY did I DO this?!!!”

Thankfully, she woke up giggling and laughing.  And so continues my journey as a mom to keep my kids alive and happy…

Drae - still smiling the morning after breaking her collarbone

The Morning After – still smiling… Cedro was fine and unhurt in the accident. This is just his Mama-this-is-too-early-for-pictures look. // 29 March 2017

Fast Talk with Cedro and Draelen

6 Mar

Draelen + Cedro (06 March 2017 // Santa Monica, CA)

Lately, I have been asking Cedro and Draelen rapid fire questions in a similar style as “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda” — a segment in a popular Filipino talk show on ABS-CBN.

Mama: Beach or mountain?
Cedro: Mountain!

Mama: Ketchup or Kewpie?
Cedro: Kewpie!
Drae: Ketchup!

Mama: Legos or N Gauge?
Cedro: N Gauge!

Mama: Ikura or uni?
Cedro: Ikura!

Mama: Ikura or Mama?
Cedro: Mama!
Drae: Ikura!

It’s very clear who is the Japanese kid and who is the Filipino kid; the mini Brian vs. the mini Ardith.  Regardless, they both crack me up every day.




11 Jan

I love it when Drae agrees to hug me.  I’m always BEGGING for hugs and she usually pushes me away or runs away.  It really hurts my feelings.  Doesn’t she know that I’ve been hugging her ever since she was in Mama’s belly?

Happy New Year! Hello, 2017!

1 Jan

Happy 1st Birthday, Drae!

13 Jul
Draelen at the steering wheel, waiting for Lola + Lolo

Driver Draelen // LAX In-N-Out Burger, waiting for Lola + Lolo // 10 July 2015

Dear Drae,

You turned a year old today!  I can’t believe it.  Time flies.  Seems like yesterday when your Papa FAINTED during my epidural!  And now, here you are – walking, babbling, eating solid foods, and already trying to assert your independence and personality.  I sometimes refer to you as “Houdini” due to your knack for wriggling out of your high chair even with your seat belt on.  You really don’t like to stay put.  Maybe that’s why you like being behind a steering wheel.  That’s the only time you’ll tolerate a seat belt — when you’re the driver.

Cedro + Draelen at Santa Monica Pier // 13 July 2015

Cedro + Draelen at Santa Monica Pier // 13 July 2015

So, nothing sums up your 1st birthday like this snapshot of you and your Kuya Cedro above.  It was basically a mini train ride but instead of train cars, they were mini lifeguard jeeps.  You were in heaven!  You were bouncing up and down and waving and honking.  To see you happy fills me with joy and fulfillment.  That image will be forever burned in my heart.

I want to write so much more about our perfect day today — almost 10 hours at Santa Monica Pier! — or the entire birthday weekend with Lola, Lolo, Tita Ging, Tito Danny, Ate Quincy and Tita Liz.  More importantly, I wish I could spend the time to document all the details about you and how much you’ve grown.  But Mama has to sleep and go to work tomorrow.  Boohoo!  I’d much rather write the most epic blog post about you.

By the time you grow up, I’m hoping you won’t even need this blog.  My hope is that throughout your life, you’ll already know about all the great stories and all my deep thoughts and feelings about you and what it means to me to be your mom.  You’ll already know and feel how much I love you.  Because right now?  All you have to do is smile at me with that underbite grin that stretches ear-to-ear, and it’s enough to make me feel like my life is complete.  One day, I hope you’ll get to be a mom, too, so you’ll be able to experience this feeling.

Ever since I was a little girl, your Lola would always tell me and your Tita Ging that we needed to look out for each other.  Somehow, you already know about this lesson.  When Kuya is upset, you crawl up to him and hug and kiss him or put your head on his lap to make him feel better.

You have brought so much love and joy into our lives.  I love you, Drae-Drae!  Happy Birthday!

Love always,



2 Milestones for Drae Today

27 Jun

This morning, Drae took one step towards her papa.  This afternoon, she took a sip of drink from a straw for the first time.  Hooray!

We didn’t document either moment so here’s a pic of her riding her car from Lola and Lolo on our walk today instead.


Draelen is 9 Months Old

13 Apr


I blinked and now Drae is almost a year old!  So much has happened.  The biggest milestones include a new home, Kuya Cedro’s acceptance into the nearby Japanese immersion program for kindergarten (which means that Draelen has a guaranteed spot when she’s old enough), Drae eating solid foods, crawling and pulling herself up.

It’s hard for me to be away from her all day long so I try to make the most of the mornings and evenings and weekends.  I find myself constantly smothering her in kisses and wanting to eat her up.  

One thing’s for sure — she has quite an appetite!  Drae is still breastfeeding but has also been enjoying homemade baby food by Grandma, Obaachama and yours truly.  I’m sure that the next time Lola visits, she’ll enjoy her Filipino cooking, too!

She is a very curious and social baby.  She gleefully waves good-bye at night and is always entertained by her Kuya Cedro.  Lately she is making attempts at speaking.  We often hear, “bah-bah-bah-bah-bah” or “Pffffffffffffff.”  (Maybe she’s a Francophile like her mama.) 

Before I know it, she’ll be walking, so I’m just trying to savor each moment. (sigh)

Drae is 6 Months Old Today!

13 Jan
Draelen's 1st solid food — avocado!

Draelen’s 1st solid food — avocado! (13 January 2015 // Los Angeles, CA )

These past 6 months have flown by!  I admit I’ve done a terrible job of keeping this blog up-to-date, but I have been enjoying living in the moment of Draelen’s infancy instead.  I’m addicted to her!  If I could snuggle with her all day I would.  I’ll do anything to make her laugh or smile.  It’s not hard to do!  She is definitely a happy baby who loves eye contact and conversation.

People often ask us how Cedro is doing with a new baby sister.  He is the most loving and attentive big brother we could hope for Drae!  From Day 1, he has been very territorial and protective of her.  Even now, he refers to her as “my baby.”  It warms my heart to spy on the kids laughing and giggling together.  Every morning, Cedro crawls into bed with Drae and pulls her towards him so they can cuddle face to face.  Drae is only a baby, but you can tell that she adores her Kuya Cedro.  She has a signature happy sound which comes from the back of her mouth and sounds very much like radio static.  Part of me feels like she’s actually trying to say, “Kuya.”

Everything they say about having a second child is true.  Our lives are pure and utter chaos right now.  But in the midst of the circus is a profound sense of contentment and completeness.

Fun Facts:

  • Height = 2′ 2.8″ (86th percentile)
  • Weight = 18 lbs., 2 oz. (84th percentile)
  • Head Circumference = 17.99″ (99.66th percentile! Almost off the chart!)
  • Rolled over for the 1st time (06 December 2014)
  • Favorite Word = “Poo Poo”
  • Interested in: disco ball in our living room, TV remote control, bath time and standing


ABCD’s 1st Road Trip & Vacation

7 Sep


We had an amazing 2 weeks in NorCal and caught up on some much needed sleep and QT w/ family and friends. Lola & Lolo, Jacintos, Wongs, deGuzmans, (El Dorado) Millers, (Alameda) Millers, Freemondes, Toms (Gardner & Songin), Beahns and Beys!
We miss you already!

We’re driving back to LA right now and so far Drae is handling the ride perfectly. Left Alameda around 12:30pm and stopped once to feed her and she seems to be snoozing soundly. On our way up, we left at 10pm and stopped once for a long (almost 2-hr) feed and arrived in Folsom by 6am… May this be only the beginning of many more family road trips and travel adventures!