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Cedro’s 1st Tinikling Performance

17 Dec

Today, I had tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat as I witnessed Cedro do a brief oral report about himself in Tagalog and then later, perform the Tinikling (Filipino folk dance) for the first time at the Filipino Cultural School – FCS Fall Program Graduation and Holiday Party.  He’s been working hard for the past 8 weeks and sacrificing his Saturday mornings to learn about his Filipino culture and heritage.  I am beyond proud.

Tagalog Class

7 May

Cedro + Audrey in Pasadena

Half-Filipino 100% Adorable Friends – Thanks to Audrey we found out about // 07 May 2017

Today, Cedro started Tagalog class in Pasadena. With only 5 sessions once a week, I’m not expecting much. I’m just thrilled to give him the opportunity to be exposed to more Filipino culture with kids his age. It’s also a great excuse to hang out with our friends in the area!

Check out for more info.  Tayo na!

Drae’s 1st Haircut

6 Apr

Before Drae's 1st Haircut, Orangevale, CA // 06 April 2017

“Before” Haircut // 06 April 2017

Decided to cut off Drae’s beautiful long hair since she has been rejecting clips or pulling her hair back.  Her hair has been so tangled and just plain ol’ in the way which is definitely not safe with a broken clavicle.  It’s so great to be able to see her face now and know that she can see clearly without any clips or pigtails.  

She has already been called a boy 3 times today, but I don’t care.  She is still my cutie pie.

“After” Haircut – My Little Animé Character // 06 April 2017

Like Brother, Like Sister

29 Mar
Waiting for Drae to get X-rays in Urgent Care room

Urgent Care – waiting for Drae to get x-rays // 28 March 2017

Another unfortunate first. Drae fractured her right clavicle.  What?  Wasn’t it just yesterday when Cedro broke his arm?

She jumped from the slide in the kids’ bedroom and collided with Kuya Cedro and landed on the ground on her right shoulder.  

She calmed down almost immediately thanks to YouTube Kids.  We didn’t know for sure if she had broken anything since she was so calm.  What a trooper.  (Reminds me of when my grandma had broken her leg while watering the plants in the backyard — in wedge sandals, no less — and silently crawled-slash-dragged herself back into the house by herself.)

A trip to Urgent Care and an after-hours Ortho Clinic confirmed that Drae had indeed fractured her collarbone.  The good news was that it was a clean break and wouldn’t need to be reset.  The bad news was that there isn’t really much you could do other than put her arm in a sling and give her pain meds.  She immediately rejected both so this may be a long road for a full recovery.

That night she repeated over and over in her sleep, “WHY did I DO this?!… WHYYYYYY did I DO this?!!!”

Thankfully, she woke up giggling and laughing.  And so continues my journey as a mom to keep my kids alive and happy…

Drae - still smiling the morning after breaking her collarbone

The Morning After – still smiling… Cedro was fine and unhurt in the accident. This is just his Mama-this-is-too-early-for-pictures look. // 29 March 2017

My 1st Time Watching Cedro Skateboard

18 Mar

Today was a special day.  Cedro and I actually got out of the house by 9:15am on a Saturday! A miracle!  Better yet, today was the first time that I saw Cedro skateboard!

We went to the Culver City Skate Park and some old friends met up with us and gave Cedro some pointers.  (I thought it was his first time skateboarding, but I found out after the fact that he had already tried to skateboard a couple of times before…. Grrrrr, thanks for telling me, Brian!)  Needless to say, I was extremely proud of Cedro.  He was very focused and picked himself up after his falls.  He was supposed to use his new skateboard that B got him at the Japanese dollar store, but we learned pretty quickly that it was useless for a kid his size.  Luckily our friends had an extra one and he enjoyed practicing on a regular size skateboard.  I was so thrilled to see how well he was doing and since I not-so-secretly wanted to start taking lessons myself, we went straight to a board shop afterwards and got him a Star Wars skateboard.  Oh yes.  Mama will be borrowing that skateboard.

Fast Talk with Cedro and Draelen

6 Mar

Draelen + Cedro (06 March 2017 // Santa Monica, CA)

Lately, I have been asking Cedro and Draelen rapid fire questions in a similar style as “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda” — a segment in a popular Filipino talk show on ABS-CBN.

Mama: Beach or mountain?
Cedro: Mountain!

Mama: Ketchup or Kewpie?
Cedro: Kewpie!
Drae: Ketchup!

Mama: Legos or N Gauge?
Cedro: N Gauge!

Mama: Ikura or uni?
Cedro: Ikura!

Mama: Ikura or Mama?
Cedro: Mama!
Drae: Ikura!

It’s very clear who is the Japanese kid and who is the Filipino kid; the mini Brian vs. the mini Ardith.  Regardless, they both crack me up every day.



Wave Rider Award

25 Jan

We had to keep it a secret that Cedro would be one of four 1st Grade to receive an award today.  I’ll never forget the look on his face.  He was so surprised.  He was so thrilled to be recognized in front of all the Kindergarteners and 1st Graders. Love the fact that the award was for “Always Being One of the First to Give His Full Attention in Class.”  His teacher told me during the last Parent-Teacher Conference that she can always count on Cedro to be the first one to quiet down and establish eye contact when she’s trying to start the day.