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Kendo – Bogu Test

28 Jan

I have been taking Kendo (Japanese sword fighting) for a year now thanks to a great after-school program at El Marino.  Tito Danny got me my first two shinai (bamboo sword) and carrying case even before he knew they offered classes at my school.  He told me that the light sabers in Star Wars were inspired by Kendo.  It’s true!

I recently passed a test to advance to a level where I could start training with bogu (protective gear).

Wave Rider Award

25 Jan

We had to keep it a secret that Cedro would be one of four 1st Grade to receive an award today.  I’ll never forget the look on his face.  He was so surprised.  He was so thrilled to be recognized in front of all the Kindergarteners and 1st Graders. Love the fact that the award was for “Always Being One of the First to Give His Full Attention in Class.”  His teacher told me during the last Parent-Teacher Conference that she can always count on Cedro to be the first one to quiet down and establish eye contact when she’s trying to start the day.


11 Jan

I love it when Drae agrees to hug me.  I’m always BEGGING for hugs and she usually pushes me away or runs away.  It really hurts my feelings.  Doesn’t she know that I’ve been hugging her ever since she was in Mama’s belly?

Happy New Year! Hello, 2017!

1 Jan