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First Broken Bones

20 Feb


I knew this day was bound to come. Cedro’s first major accident.

At approximately 3:55 today, while running around the school yard, Cedro tripped and as he went to brace himself against the fence, the force was too much and he broke both his radius and ulna bones in his left arm.

After quickly being admitted into the ER and getting Xrays, we waited for about an hour for the orthopedic doctor to be called in, and it was determined to put him under sedation to go through the bone setting process, which took all but 5 minutes.

Cedro woke up from sedation safely albeit a bit groggly. As he slowly was getting used to the cast, we negotiated his bursts of annoyance and fear with vanilla pudding and M&Ms. (He was convinced that the staff person was trying to cut him instead of the mole skin strips used to soften the sharp edges of the cast.)

He’s actually being quite the trooper and, of course, YouTube is helping as a much needed distraction.

The next 6-8 weeks are going to be rough. No running. No jumping. No swimming. No sports. No sandbox. No beach. But he will no doubt have a successful recovery.

On the drive home, I told Cedro how proud I was of how strong he was. He seemed confused, “But Mama, my arm is broken.” One day, I’ll show him the picture of him smiling despite his deformed arm while waiting in the ER.  (Will spare you, his fan club, the site of that specific photo.)