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Happy 4th Birthday, Cedro!

5 Aug


Cedro's 4th Birthday


Dear Cedro,

Today you are 4 years old!  Just in the past 4 weeks, our lives have changed dramatically.  You have grown so much.  Feels like yesterday when you were just as small as Draelen.  I feel like I blinked and all of a sudden you’re a little boy.

Right now, you are at your school having a little party.  I wish I could be there with you to watch you celebrate with your friends.  I’m home feeding Baby D since she’s too young to be in large crowds.  Thank you for being my sous pastry chef this morning for my grand experiment to make sugar-free, nut-free, apple-free, banana-free vegan cookies for your classmates.  I love baking with you.  You probably won’t remember this time in your life, but my hope is that you’ll have a sense for how loved you are and that when you look back, you’ll remember your childhood as a happy one.

I still struggle with perfectionism and juggling all my different roles.  It’s definitely overwhelming to have 2 young kids while managing work and other projects.  But once in a while, I am able to take a short breath and see through the chaos.  Somehow, simple things that you do or say make the stress and mayhem melt away for a moment.  It could be your gleeful laugh, goofy antics or your loving gestures towards Drae or Quincy.  And those little moments make it all worthwhile.  At the end of the day, we live a lucky life.

I love you, Cedro. You are my angel.  I am constantly amazed and proud that you are my son.  You’ll always be my first baby.

Love always,

Here are some new things and fun facts about you:


  • HEIGHT: 3 ft. 5 in. (67th percentile)
  • WEIGHT: 41 lbs (85th percentile)


  • BIG BROTHER:  You have come a long way since you resisted the idea of a sibling.  We used to ask you if you wanted a brother or sister and your response was “Quincy!” your cousin.  Now that Baby D is here, you are very enthusiastic about her and protective of her.  I’ll never forget your reaction to seeing me the day before Draelen was born.  I had told you that Baby D would be with me the next time you were going to see me.  I was obviously wrong (as I had been all week long).   The first thing you asked was, “Where’s Baby D?”  When you realized that she hadn’t arrived yet, you completely fell apart!  You were so sad and disappointed!…  The next day, when you finally met your sister was such a tender and special moment.  You completely lit up when you saw her and were very gentle with her.  You have continued to be very affectionate with Drae and are very proud of the fact that you are allowed to kiss her on the cheek or hold her hands.  I have a habit of calling you “Baby” as a term of endearment but you always correct me and say, “I’m not Baby.”  You are also very helpful and quick to lend a hand in any baby-related task from changing diapers to rocking Drae in her rocker.
  • DAYCARE: You are approaching the end of your 2nd year at SMAP Childcare.  We are already looking into kindergarten for you for the fall of 2015!  We can’t believe it!
  • SLEEPING: Fortunately, your night terrors are pretty much gone but every night you end up in our bed.  Whenever I ask you what you need to get to sleep, you typically answer, “Baby D.”  (While I was pregnant, you would snuggle with me and put your hand on my belly as if being close to your sis was like having a security blanket.)  But after you fall asleep, your body rotates and you end up perpendicular to us.  You love sleeping on pillows as if a pillow were a mini bed.
  • LANGUAGES: Your strongest language is still Japanese followed by English and then Tagalog.  I need to use my maternity leave to improve my own Tagalog skills in order to teach you better.  Lately, you have also been communicating in your own version of the Kalahari Bushmen language.  You like to gesture and make clicking sounds.  Somehow, we can have entire conversations speaking your special language!
  • POTTY TRAINING: You are technically potty trained, as in you don’t wear diapers anymore, but you’re not yet accident-free.  During the day, you tend to wait until the absolute last minute to go to the bathroom.  At home, you race around the apartment announcing to everyone to “HURRY! HURRY!” even though you know how to go by yourself. You have a tell-tale “pee pee dance” that signals to us to remind you to go.   One big milestone is that you no longer need a stool to use our toilet at home!
  • PERSONALITY: While you’re very good at testing boundaries and breaking the rules both at school and at home, when push comes to shove. you also want to resolve conflicts.  When you see that I’m upset, you quickly stick your hand out for a handshake and plead, “Friends?” or “I want to be friends, Mama.”  You also make Papa apologize to me when you see that he is the one frustrating me.  “Papa, say sorry to Mama.”  You also have a knack for saving yourself when you know that you’re in trouble. You ask, “You happy, Mama?” even though you know that I’m pretty pissed off.  You’re obviously very clever.
  • OBSESSIONS: You are still a die-hard train addict.  Your favorite song is “Train” by Japanese pop band, Ketsumeishi, for a JR promo video that you found on YouTube yourself!  You and Papa sing this song every day in the car on your way to school.  You still live the Pixar Cars and Planes movies but you have been especially obsessed with the movie Frozen.  You can “sing”/hum the songs both in English and Japanese.  Rumor has it, you also like to dress in drag as Elsa at school while you’re singing.