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3.5 Years Old Today

5 Feb
Super Bowl Sunday?  Not interested since the Niners didn't make it.

Super Bowl Sunday? Not interested since the Niners didn’t make it.

My mama and I have been very behind on updating my blog! One of these days, we’ll get around to posting about our great Christmas vacation with Lola and Lolo in Sacramento and with Ate Nuna, Kuya Issei, Tita Lisa, Tito Ray, O-Papa and Obaachama in Ithaca…

For now, I just wanted to share a quick post about being 3 and a half years old! You can check out my post from a year ago and much of the same things are true. I am still a train fanatic and loving SMAP Childcare.  But there are some new big and exciting things that I’d like to add.


  • I am approximately 3 ft. 5 in.  (I have grown 4.5 in. in a year!)
  • I weigh 38 lbs.  (I have gained a little over 5 pounds in a year.)
  • I am a chatterbox in Japanese.  My Japanese language skills have far surpassed Mama’s and she has no idea what Papa and I are talking about most of the time, but it’s safe to assume that we’re talking about the same topics — trains, food or negotiating more time before bedtime.
  • Mama still speaks to me in Tagalog, but I tend to respond in English.
  • For some reason, even though I am most fluent in Japanese, when I speak English I have a very thick Filipino accent.
  • My favorite catch phrase is, “Hey!  What’s the big idea?!” or “What the fox says?”
  • Favorite movies: Despicable Me, Despicable Me 2, Cars, Cars 2, Planes
  • Favorite shows: Extreme Trains hosted by Matt Brown (History Channel), Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Caillou (in Spanish), Pocoyo, Shimajiro and anything train-related on YouTube
  • If Mama calls out the letters, I can type “plarail” in the search field of YouTube.  I am obsessed with watching these types of Japanese toy trains in action!
  • I hate commercials and slow wi-fi.
  • I have been sick on and off a lot since my 3rd birthday.  My doctor says it’s completely normal because of being in daycare/pre-school.  I have had several colds.  I have a tendency to break out in rashes as part of the cold.  Or, every so often, I will cough so much at night that I vomit.  That’s why my parents have been letting me sleep in their room for the past 6 months.  They’re stressed about re-sleeptraining me, but I know that at the same time they’re loving snuggle time with me.
  • Exactly a year ago today, I was getting ready to be a kuya (big brother) to my new cousin, Quincy.  And now, I am getting ready to be a kuya to my baby sister!  Baby D is coming ~7/11.  At first, when people asked me if I wanted a baby brother or a baby sister, I would say, “I want Quincy!”  It’s hard to tell if I meant that I didn’t want a sibling at all or that I wanted a sister.  Either way, Mama and Papa aren’t worried about me being a good kuya.  When I sleep and snuggle with Mama, I automatically reach for her belly and when I wake up, I call out, “Baby!  Where’s Baby?!” and hug and kiss Mama’s tummy.  Quincy will always have a special place in my heart.  Grown-ups are always trying to get me to stop kissing her, but I can’t help it!
  • Mama is 18 weeks pregnant but still very nauseous.  I’ll hear her heaving in another room and will call out to her, “You OK, Mama?  Suka? (vomit?)”
  • Early in Mama’s pregnancy, I had no problem commenting on Mama’s pregnancy farts.  “AGAINNNNN?!” or “Oh, Mama!  Stinky!”  Thank goodness it’s not really an issue anymore!
  • Tita Ging and Tito Danny taught me how to respond to the question, “When is your birthday?”

Hopefully, Mama will get over her nausea and I will get over these colds so we can blog more regularly.  In the meantime, we’re enjoying the new year and looking forward to Quincy’s first birthday which is around the corner!