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MLK Weekend

22 Jan

20130122-010235.jpgSpent most of my time in a car this past weekend but I also had good quality time with family and friends.

Tita Sarah + Tita Misa kept me fully entertained between LA and Folsom and Dublin. I saw a lot of California during these past 3 days! I learned that all I have to do is pump my arm to make big rigs honk their horns! And that it might even be more entertaining each time Tita Misa called, “SteeeeeeeeRIKE!” when it didn’t work!

It goes without saying that I had fun with Lola and Lolo! This is probably the last time I’ll see them before my baby cousin is born so I cherished every last bit of their undivided attention! After just a few hours, I was saying more Tagalog words like “bahay” (house), “baho” (stinky) and “paki” (please). And I was also counting “8-9-10!” on my own. I sure will miss one-on-one time with Lola and Lolo.


1st Time Using Training Chopsticks!

15 Jan


My 2nd Haircut!

5 Jan

A new home. A new look!… We are back in LA to settle down after a year and a half on the road! Found a new apartment and I’m starting at a new school — a Japanese daycare in Santa Monica — on Monday. What better reason to cut off my dreadlocks!

I was a very good boy thanks to the distraction of Netflix on Mama’s phone! Thanks to Tita Ging for tagging along, too. The cut was done in 15 minutes! I love The Yellow Balloon! I’ve had a great experience for both of my haircuts!