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In Memory of Lola Nitz

28 Nov

white doves at funeral mass at Divine Savior Church; photo by Ardith Ibanez Nishii

One month ago, we lost our beloved Lola Nitz, my Lola Glo’s older sister and best friend. She had been battling Stage 4 liver cancer for the past two years.

We miss Lola Nitz’s contagious laugh and bright smile, her stories, her cooking and her hugs. This past Thanksgiving wasn’t the same without her, but we look forward to keeping her memory alive.

This month was full of new family memories — from Mama’s adventures working at Lola and Lolo’s care home to play dates with cousins to rollerskating at Mama’s childhood rink to spending quality time at the railroad museum in Old Sacramento, just to name a few… We know that Lola Nitz was smiling down on all of us…

When Mama was my age, Lola Glo and Lola Nitz regularly mailed each other cassette tapes of their recorded messages, documenting their family lives. This was before Facebook and blogs, when it was too expensive to call between the Philippines and the US on a regular basis. Eventually, they were able to live in the same country and the same city and raise their kids together.

I am part of the next generation, continuing the traditions laid down by my lolas. Right now, I am riding down I-5 on my way back down to LA after a 4-month hiatus. Excited to be in the same city as Tita Ging, Uncle Danny and my future cousin! Looking forward to the next family reunion in Sacramento during Christmas time.

Below is the slideshow Papa, Mama and Tita Kathy put together in memory of Lola Nitz: