Potty Training Myself!

16 Sep

© Photo by Brian NishiiToday, I peed in the toilet THREE times today!  Ever since I broke out in hives last week, I have been preferring to go commando every so often at home.  I am also outgrowing my Size 5 diapers!  They’re getting so tight!  It feels so much better to go without.  Each time, I have been able to communicate that I need to pee.  The last time I peed in the toilet, I even had a diaper on already!  My parents are so excited!  They’re keeping their fingers crossed that this box of bulk diapers is the last they’ll need to get for me.  (Don’t they know that I’m just suckering them into giving me Pocky or Hello Panda treats?  Keep ’em comin’, Mama and Papa!)

One Response to “Potty Training Myself!”


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