2nd Year Checkup

14 Sep

© Photo by Ardith Ibañez NishiiYAY!  I’m still a healthy little boy!  I really like my Berkeley pediatrician.  Dr. So thinks I’m SO adorable!  She was cracking up when she walked in and I was sitting on the examination table bottomless with just my hat and t-shirt on while chowing down on a big breakfast sandwich.

  • WEIGHT: 30 lbs. 2 oz. (72nd percentile)
  • HEIGHT: 36 inches (88th percentile)
  • SPEECH:  Because I’m not really talking yet, my doc is recommending that I get my hearing checked and that I meet with a speech therapist just in case.  She’s not really worried but wants to get things checked out sooner than later.  She knew that we wouldn’t be staying in the area long.  If we were locals, she would have just recommended that we check back with her in 6 months…  Here is my list of words so far:
    1. Mama
    2. Papa
    3. Wow!
    4. O po (“Yes, Sir/Ma’am” in Tagalog)
    5. No
    6. Cracker
    7. Truck
    8. Car
    9. Hi
    10. Bye
    11. Lola
    12. Lolo
    13. Tita
    14. Uncle
    15. Train (sign)
    16. All done (sign)
    17. Milk (sign)
    18. Please (sign)
    19. Sorry (sign)
    20. More (sign)
    21. Thank You (Japanese bowing gesture)
  • CHINGLISH: Speaking of speech, when Dr. So realized that the reason why we weren’t staying in the area long was because we were only in town for as long as Papa is performing in Chinglish at Berkeley Rep, she told us she had tickets to see it in October!!!

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