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Happy 2nd Birthday, Cedro!

5 Aug

Dear Cedro,

It feels like yesterday when you were a squishy baby, bald and not walking yet!  I still call you my baby, but you’re a little boy now.  I feel so lucky to see a little bit of your Papa and a little bit of me in your personality.  And I love getting to know the rest of you.  You are such a character!   You are warm, sociable, happy, goofy, smart, crafty and charming.  You are such an adaptable little kid.  In the past year, we have lived in 5 different cities and you manage to make yourself at home in each new place.  You are able to roll with each new situation, environment and change in schedule.  You are very active and curious.  You are just as interested in playing in the playground or with your toys or reading books as you are playing on the iPhone or watching TV.

We are very glad that our trilingual plan seems to be working.  You understand Tagalog, Japanese and English equally.  Even though you’re still not really talking, you are extremely communicative and know how to get your point across.  You love to test your boundaries and assert your independence.  You and I often butt heads.  You are a pro at getting a reaction out of me and pushing my buttons.  Whenever you get in trouble, you turn up the charm and bust out your HUGE signature smile and hug, knowing full well how irresistible you are!  It makes it very difficult to discipline you! I literally have to remind myself sometimes, “I am in charge!  I am the grown-up!”

Thank goodness your teachers tell us that you are well-behaved at school!  They say that you are gentle with the other kids, curious about all the activities, very cooperative and social.  They also often comment that you are the neatest eater in class!  LOL!  We are so excited about the progress you have made since starting daycare in LA.  Nowadays, dropping you off entails no tears or drama.  Kisses and hugs and a wave good-bye is all it takes and you’re good to go!  We have also spied on you at the end of the day and watched you deeply engrossed in storytime!  We love that (a) you were paying attention in school and (b) you weren’t anxious about where we were!

You are truly a little casanova.  You are notorious for walking up to older girls and gazing intently or giving unsolicited hugs and kisses.  On your second day of your new school here in Berkeley, your daily report noted that you were busy kissing all the girls and teachers all day!  Back in LA, I witnessed you slide down a slide at the playground into the arms of an older little girl (who you didn’t know at all) and you wouldn’t let go of your embrace for several minutes!

When you’re not flirting with girls, you can be found playing with your train set or lining up your other toys as if they were trains!  In that respect, you are truly your Papa’s son!  Your other obsession is drawing.  That part is from me. 😀

Here are some other interesting things about you:

  • PAPA:  Lately, you seek out Papa and yearn for his attention.  Not just mine!  You like to whisper, “Papa!” And then progressively, it escalates to a full shout, “PAPAAAAAAAAAA!”
  • BATH TIME: You’re really into drinking the bath water these days.  That makes you laugh deliriously.  Or maybe it’s me scolding you that makes you laugh?  And after all the water has drained, you like to lie face down in the tub as if you were swimming.  More often than not, it’s difficult to get you out of the bath.  You’re like a little merman like your Papa.  You love the water!
  • MUSIC: You have taken an interest in singing and humming.  You bob your head to all sorts of genres of music.
  • SPORTS: Thanks to your new school, you are interested in basketball and riding tricycles.  Your Lolo even got you your first tricycle!  He lovingly assembled this retro vintage Schwinn himself!
  • CHARMER: You are great at leading people by the hand to get what you want or if you want to show them something that’s important to you.
  • JOKESTER: You often like to lick people when they come in for a kiss!
  • DOGS: You want to pet and say hello to all dogs that walk by!  You are great at giving doggie hugs and you love receiving doggie kisses.  Tita Chris is teaching you to be more cautious around dogs, because not all are as friendly and well-trained as Oso!
  • SLEEP: At school you are able to put yourself down for a 2-hour nap!  At home, we’re lucky if you have a 1-hour nap and you need to be in your pack-n-play, stroller or car seat for nap time, because you’re such an active sleeper.  Sometimes, we break down and let you sleep on the bed with us because it feels so good to cuddle with you!
  • BED: When we arrived in Berkeley, we were pleasantly surprised to find a toddler bed in the apartment!  And boy, do you love that bed!  It’s more of a hangout, lounging area for you than a nighttime sleep spot.  You often hide there under a stack of pillows or bring a couple of books and read.
  • LIPS: You have a habit of peeling your upper lip when you’re tired.
  • MAMA GETTING OLD: For some reason, you love to grab my neck fat!  You also love to spot my gray hairs!  Thanks!
    • “O po!” [“Yes, ma’am” or “Yes, sir” in Tagalog]
    • “Uh oh!”
    • “Uh-uh-uhhhhhh!” (while shaking his head) taught by Lolo
    • “Cracker!”
    • You like to hum “Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!” while you make the sign language gesture.

This year, we had just moved to Berkeley for Papa’s new gig with Chinglish, so we had a small gathering at the marina where you learned how to fly a kite for the first time!  Lolo, Lola, Tita Ging, Uncle Danny, Tita Chris, Uncle Chris, Oso, Tita Stacy, Sierra and Sierra’s lola were there to celebrate with us!  It turned out to be a beautiful sunny day!  Your Thomas the Tank Engine ice cream cake almost melted before we could eat it!

Your Tita Chris is about to have her own little boy in a couple of months.  She said that her birthing class instructor shared a quote, “Having children is like letting your heart walk around outside of your body.”  I would have to agree.  You are my heart and you are growing bigger and stronger every day.  I am so proud to be your mom.

I love you, Cedro.  Happy Birthday!


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