22 Months Old Today!

5 Jun

© Photo by Ardith Ibañez Nishii

    • I got my first haircut!
    • I know how to walk up stairs without holding on to the railing.
    • I’ve been going to daycare on a regular basis now.  I usually go Tuesday and Thursday.  Papa unexpectedly had to go to Japan last night with Tita Lisa to be with their 100-year-old grandma.  Luckily a Monday-Wednesday-Friday slot opened up this week at my school.  This will be my first full week of daycare.
    • My mom has been working at a full-time freelance job for about a month now and I’m handling it really well!  This is the first time in my almost-2-year-old life that we have been apart this much!
    • I attended my first funeral last week.  It was for Tita Cyn and Tita Liz’s 92-year-old lolo, Daddy Nick.  Even though I am barely 2 years old, I knew that something intense was going on.  Even though it was sad, it was also a joyous celebration of Daddy Nick’s life.  Luckily, we were able to visit him before he passed away.
    • I am starting to say things other than “Mama”.  I have been interested in mimicking other people  Every so often, I will say, “Uh oh!” which is something Uncle Kevin taught me.
    • drawing
    • playing with trains and cars
    • lining up things to make tracks for my toy trains
    • pointing out cement trucks and construction equipment while we’re out and about
    • playing on any iPhone or iPad
    • jumping off of ledges into someone’s arms
    • chasing birds
    • apples
    • banana milk
    • lollipops
  • NEW ANNOYING HABIT: screaming one long note at the top of my lungs if I don’t get my way.  When Funkle Ray catches me, he trains me to smile instead.
  • NEW CUTE HABIT: When people order me to smile, I do this extreme underbite smile and stick out my tongue slightly.
  • FAVORITE SONG: “Say What?” by Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band

I miss Papa.  Today, I was whimpering while hugging one of his dress shirts.  At the same time, I’m glad he and Tita Lisa are spending time with their Obaachama.  They landed today and had a great visit with her.  She recognized them and was very happy to see them.  For a split second, Papa had actually considered taking me with him, but I don’t have a passport yet.  (Maybe that’ll be a milestone for next month!)

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