My First Day of Daycare!

24 Apr
© Photos by Ardith Ibañez Nishii

“BEFORE” strutting down the hallway to class… (6 hours) “AFTER” tired but playful

What a milestone!  I survived my first day of daycare today!  Luckily Bright Horizons is a very familiar place.  Kuya Issei attends the Pre-K class at the same facility and I often tag along when he gets dropped off and picked up.  Unfortunately, there is a long waiting list for regular spots in my age group plus priority for UCLA-affiliated families, but I scored a drop-in slot for two days this week.

I think I handled the new environment and new experience pretty well (even though I had a hunger strike after Mama left).  I cried on and off during the day and often looked for Mama.  My teachers invited Kuya to come visit me and he tried to cheer me up, but I couldn’t stop crying.  He felt so bad that he started crying, too!  In the end, I managed to take 2 naps and play with some of the other kids and many of the new toys in the classroom.

When Mama picked me up, I was so relieved to see her!  I gulped down the rest of my lunch that I was supposed to eat earlier and had a great time playing and showing her things like the class pet, a fish called Bubbles.  Check out my first “report card” that my teachers put together for me!

Cedro's First Report Card

PS:  Mama and Papa are fine, too!  Papa is proud and Mama had a good cry.  😀

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