20 Months Old Today!

5 Apr
© Photos by Ardith Ibañez Nishii

05 April 2012 // Los Angeles, CA

We have returned to LA and have been living with Tita Lisa, Funkle Ray, Ate Nuna and Kuya Issei.  It has been tight, but we’re making it work!  We’re definitely making the most of their last few months in LA before they head back to Ithaca.  In fact, we are actually going to be packing up soon again, too!  Papa got offered a role in “Chinglish” at the Berkeley Rep Theatre!  All of his understudying in Chicago and Broadway paid off!  We’ll be in downtown Berkeley from the end of July until the end of October.  In the meantime, we’re still searching for a sublet here in LA.  All of my fingers and Fred Flinstone toes are crossed!

    • I am no longer breastfeeding!  I have been off the boob for a month now!  It has been a smooth and painless transition.
    • I am officially not bald!  While I look like I already have a receding hairline, I have a full head of curls! The answer to your question is, “It’s from Lola’s side of the family!  Her brothers had curly hair when they were little boys.”
    • A non-relative babysitter successfully put me to bed!  Mama, Papa, Tita Lisa and Funkle Ray went out on a double date for the first time in 7 years without kids!
    • Grandpa taught me to say, “Moooooooo!” when he points to a cow’s picture!  (Grandma and Grandpa spent 2 weeks in LA this past March.  It was great to catch up with them!)  This is a big deal, because I’m still not really talking yet.
  • NEW TRICK: When someone says, “Whassup?” I cross my arms like I’m a rapper.
    • almond butter and jelly sandwiches
    • French toast
    • roasted pine nuts
    • walnut prawns
    • shrimp chips
    • ice cream
    • blueberry muffins
    • polvoron
    • eggs
    • avocado
    • bananas
    • waffles
    • fries
    • Greek yogurt
    • oatmeal
    • grapes
    • prunes
    • frozen yogurt

MAMA + ME: Even though I see Mama 24/7, I act like I have constant separation anxiety.  I am annoyed by her being on the computer all the time.  I know she’s busy looking for jobs, but I expect her to play with me when I want her to play with me!  I often try to pull her away from her  laptop or open the door to the room where she’s working or climb into her lap while she’s typing.  I know Mama’s trying to train me to be more independent, but I keep trying to convince her that I’m in charge and I want what I want!

Mama recently went to CardioBarre class two days in a row with Tita Ging which means that I tagged along and stayed with the in-house babysitters.  On the first day, I was fine because my old buddy, Annabelle, (the 10-year-old daughter of one the staff members) was there to entertain me.  But on the second day, I was instantly hesitant to walk down the hallway entrance to the studio.  Plus, Annabelle was nowhere in sight.  Not good.  I screamed on and off in the play room during the whole 1-hour class.  Then, I had night terrors for a couple nights after that.  Mama and Papa remember Ate and Kuya going through the same thing when they were younger so I guess this is normal.

I am definitely testing my limits the most with Mama.  We butt heads a lot and she gets frustrated that I laugh in her face or throw an Academy Award-winning tantrum when she lays down the law.  I can tell that she is setting the stage for a new transition in my life.  Mama keeps on warning me that I’m going to start regular daycare soon and I have to get used to being away from her.  I think she thinks her technique will work the same way it did for breastfeeding, but I’m on to her!  She can’t outsmart me this time!  I’m a big boy!

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