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19 Months Old Today!

5 Mar
© Photo by Ardith Ibañez Nishii

05 March 2012 // Folsom, CA

  • SLEEPING: This whole month while at Lola and Lolo’s big house, I’ve had a whole room to myself! So, I’ve been sleeping for 11 to 12 hours! During the day, I’m down to one 1-2 hr. nap. Hooray!
  • TOYS: Yes, it’s true. I am very spoiled by my Lola and Lolo, but I’m getting great use out of all of my toys – both old and new.
    • Cedro-size train ride
    • Drum set
    • Backyardigan guitar
    • Indoor swing: I never get tired of swinging. I even boss Lola and Lolo to push me harder and higher. (It doesn’t look like it in the picture because I’m jet-lagged.)
    • My Personal Park: I still go through all the things in the playground that Lolo built for me. Of course, I’m still loving my sandbox.
    • Vintage Toys: Lola saves everything! I have been enjoying using Mama and Tita Ging’s Tupperware set and pretend that I’m drinking from the mini mugs.
  • MANNERISMS: I’m still not talking, but I have a knack for communicating without words.
    • I love to give kisses and hugs (especially when I’m in trouble).
    • When someone comes to get me from my room in the morning, I am usually standing up in the crib and emphatically pointing to my diaper.
    • I’m a very affectionate boy and I’m very sad when Lola leaves to go to work in the mornings. After she changes my diaper, I pat the couch next to me to make her stay a little while longer before she goes. I also like to watch her leave and wait for her to come back at the front window.
    • I know I’m a cute kid.  One day, Mama asked me, “Nasaan si Pogi?” (translation: “Where’s Handsome?)  I immediately pointed to myself.  I guess she didn’t realize that I associate “Pogi” with myself.  Doesn’t she know that she calls me that all the time?  Duh!
    • Today, after my nap, I noticed that my snack container was empty. I looked down and then up at Mama and turned my palms up as if to say, “What’s up? Where’s my food?”
    • Speaking of food, I LOVE to feed myself! I’m really good at using a spoon and fork. I’ve got the shoveling down pat. I don’t think these adults feed me fast enough!
    • The best way to get me to hydrate is to shout, “Kanpai!” (translation: “Cheers!”) I love clinking my sippy cup with the grown-ups. I’m so dramatic when I drink. I knock my head back and take big swigs!
    • I am a very appreciative little boy and I’ve substituted the sign language sign for “Thank You” with a very deep and respectful Japanese bow instead. On a good day, I will do this without any coaching from anyone.  I also bow at the beginning and at the end of meals (although it cracks me up when my family says grace).
    • I love to shrug my shoulders.
    • I love to hide! Mama will usually cover us up with a big throw pillow on our heads or make a tent with a blanket and her arms. I can stay very still for a pretty long time for a toddler and then I scream like crazy when someone shows up!
    • I still love to be chased.
    • I think it’s hysterical when Mama sneezes. It’s allergy season so she’s sneezing a lot which means I’m laughing a lot!
    • Lately, I’ve been squeezing my eyes shut and making noises when I don’t get my way. Today, Lolo trained me to turn this into “Magandang Mata” (translation: “Beautiful Eyes”) where it looks like I’m sort of batting my eyelashes. All anyone has to do is say “Magandang Mata” and I’ll do it… if I feel like it.
  • TEETH: I have 12 teeth!
  • BREASTFEEDING: Down to 1 session a day especially when someone else puts me down for a nap or bedtime. I’m not happy about Mama’s dwindling milk supply but I know I can deal without it. While breastfeeding, she tells me that I’m a big boy and that I don’t need to breastfeed anymore and I squeeze my eyes shut, shake my head and giggle, trying to ignore her.

This has been such a fun month at Lola and Lolo’s place. What a great transition from NYC to LA. They’ve done so much for us and we appreciate it all!

I know Lola and Lolo are going to miss me, but I’m going to miss them more.

© Photo by Ardith Ibañez Nishii

04 March 2012 // Orangevale, CA