17 Months Old Today!

5 Jan
© Photo by Brian Nishii
New York City // 31 December 2011
  • MAJOR MILESTONES: I can now comprehend names for different vehicles in Japanese!!!
  • SLEEPING: I have a pretty regular sleep pattern again.  I usually nap once or twice a day for around 45 minutes per nap.  I’m also sleeping pretty well through the night!  (That’s of course, if my mom isn’t in the room.  If she comes in and I wake up, I end up using her as my Human Pacifier again.)
  • BREASTFEEDING: I am no longer using bottles; just sippy cups.  I am down to 2 breastfeeding sessions a day — first thing in the morning and right before bedtime.
  • PLAY TIME: I love to play with my toy cars and trains, as usual.  Now that I have a ride-on fire truck (thanks to Uncle Danny and Tita Ging), I’m really good at scooting around, too.
  • PLAY DATES:  I’ve been enjoying play dates with old and new friends my age.  In the past couple of weeks, I’ve hung out with Abby (16 months), Aiden (18 months), Vivienne (19 months), Haru (21 months) and Jacob (22 months).
  • SOMETHING FUNNY: My new favorite bedtime book is Spot Says Goodnight from my cousins, Allie and Jason.  It has flaps you can lift.  I ripped out two of the flaps and I laugh hysterically until I’m red in the face when Mama turns to those pages and they fall out.  The word “zipper” also cracks me up when Mama reads it on the last page of My First Book of Tagalog Words from Tita Gigi and Tito Armando.  (Maybe because “zipper” isn’t a Tagalog word?)
  • NEW WORDS: Today, I kind of said “Choo-Choo” through my nose while watching Thomas and His Friends on TV during my play date with my buddy, Jacob…  I also refuse to say “Papa” now.  Instead, I call him “Nya-Nya.”  I think it’s hysterical.
  • NEW SIGN LANGUAGE: I invented a sign for The Backyardigans, one of my favorite TV shows.  I wave my arms around and waddle from side to side while spinning in a circle, kind of like a penguin and then I point to the TV.  It looks like I’m trying to imitate Pablo.

One Response to “17 Months Old Today!”

  1. sachsy January 6, 2012 at 5:27 AM #

    Happy monthiversary!! Vivienne and I were so glad to finally meet you! Hope we can see you again before your parents spirit you away to the west coast!

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