Holidays + Being in NYC

28 Dec

I never thought I would find myself back in New York so soon and with a toddler to boot!  Cedro and I have been here since early November and immediately felt at home.  Beyond the fact that we brought 17 boxes of our stuff from Los Angeles precisely for that purpose, being reunited with B is has been the main reason why this feels so right!  To quote Peaches and Herb, “Reunited and it feeeeeels so goooood!”

It’s clear that Cedro is a city boy.  Our apartment is steps away from the heart of Times Square where he is constantly mesmerized by the bright lights, taxis, fire trucks, police cars, masses of tourists and all the sights and sounds that are so uniquely NYC.  He loves it and that makes me so happy.  It makes this journey all the more worthwhile.

It’s also a huge blessing to have so many dear friends in NYC, many of whom have their own kids.  Cedro has already had a bunch of play dates with his Kuya Kai, Keila and Kuya Mateo.

Kai, Mateo, Cedro + Keila // 11 November 2011 (© Photo by Goldie Gareza)

As a side note, we have also had some star sightings in our few weeks here (apart from the “Chinglish” cast, of course).  Alex Wong of Season 7 So You Think You Can Dance, Heather Graham and Dan Finnerty of The Dan Band have all been within a few feet of us!  I wonder if Cedro will be as starstruck as I am when he grows up?  I ask myself this because he is obviously bound for super-stardom!

But I digress…

We certainly miss our family and friends back in California.  We thank our lucky stars every day that we live in an age where video chatting is possible!  This year, to decorate our rosemary Christmas tree, I made ornaments with family photos… wanted to remind Cedro who the VIPs are in his life despite the fact that he doesn’t seem to need any reminding.

© Photo by Ardith Ibañez Nishii

Family Christmas Tree 2011

Our Christmas Eve was still spent with family — our “Chinglish” family!  Jennifer Lim, the lead in the play, hosted a fantastic Cedro-friendly holiday party at her apartment.  Cedro got a chance to play on a real drum set for the first time!  (Stay tuned for pictures/video soon!)

Our Christmas day was very relaxed.  Brian’s Uncle Richard lives within walking distance of our place and he was able to spend the day with us.  After a leisurely afternoon at home unwrapping presents, Skyping with family in California and Japan, receiving a visit from Stephen Pucci, one of the other actors in the show, we braved the crowds to watch the ice skaters in Bryant Park, see the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center, witness the lights and projections on Fifth Avenue, and catch some peaceful moments in St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  We were pleasantly surprised to find several restaurants open and concluded the day with a cozy, fireside dinner just south of Central Park.

We had a very good weekend.

One Response to “Holidays + Being in NYC”

  1. arlene December 29, 2011 at 12:03 PM #

    wow! cedro looks like mama in that video!

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