14 Months!

9 Oct
© Photo by Ardith Ibañez Nishii

Mama and Me putting on happy faces even though we're missing Papa who had just left for Broadway... (05 October 2011 // Los Angeles, CA)

This past month was a big month for me.  I have grown so much and I am communicating more and more.  Below are some highlights:

  • I am walking so much!  I squeal when I walk around by myself and I tend to twist my wrists back and forth while I walk.  It looks like I’m doing some sort of folk dance or shrugging, “I don’t know.”
  • When I see stairs, I always try to get someone to help me walk up them instead of climbing on my hands and knees.  I look really funny because I’m tilted back at a 45-degree angle to reach each step!
  • I can point out my body parts like my belly button, hands and feet when someone asks me (preferably in Tagalog).
  • My first word was “car” (or “kah”) and this past week I said “Mama” and wacked my Mama in the chest for emphasis.  I should point out that this was prompted when Uncle Danny asked me, “Where’s Mama?”  After I just sat there without reacting, he asked the question again in Tagalog and that’s when I pointed to my mom.  Needless to say, she is SO THRILLED and proud.
  • Now that I’m 14 months old, I pretty much eat the same thing as my parents.  I haven’t shown any signs of any food allergies so they just make sure to chop everything up into tiny pieces for me.  I have a BIG appetite!  One morning, Mama was trying to breastfeed me and I insisted on “food” in sign language.  Mama’s wondering if this means I’m going to wean myself.  We’ll see… There’s a lot of transition going on in our lives so I still depend on my human pacifier — Mama!
  • I am really interested in clothes hangers these days.  I guess that’s because we’re packing up our apartment and there are a lot of empty hangers lying around.
  • I also love to put my head down spontaneously on pillows or on the bed or on the couch.  I know I look adorable this way!
  • Today, I showed that I knew that keys were meant for opening doors.  At Tita Ging and Uncle Danny’s place, I was engrossed in inserting keys into key holes.  How’s that for fine motor skills?!

Papa left for his Broadway gig a few days ago but it already feels like a month.  We miss him so much!  We have been Skyping with him and have been trying to tweet more often to keep in touch.  We still have a few weeks ahead of us before we join him in NYC, but Mama’s gonna need all the time she can get in order to pack up and move out of our LA apartment!  Good thing we have close friends and family around for much-needed moral support and babysitting.  We are so lucky!

2 Responses to “14 Months!”

  1. sachsy October 11, 2011 at 6:16 AM #

    Play date when you’re in town!

    • Cedro October 11, 2011 at 7:46 PM #

      can’t wait! see you in november! i’ll be asking viv what she thinks about her crocs. i’m outgrowing my shoes fast! i have fred flinstone feet!

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