Thank You, Lolo + Lola, for Cedropalooza + Cedro’s Park!

12 Aug
© Photos by Ardith Ibañez Nishii

Thank you, Lolo + Lola, for the best party ever! (06 August 2011 // Folsom, CA)

I can’t believe a week has gone by since I turned 1 year old!!!  I am still on Cloud 9 from the best birthday party ever!  Thank you for all those who were able to celebrate with me.

Most of all, I am so thankful to Lolo and Lola for their blood, sweat and tears, working so hard all summer long to transform their backyard into my very own park paradise.  You can just tell by the fact that Lolo is 20 shades darker than the rest of us!  During the day, he would be hauling truckloads of materials from various stores and assembling everything under the hot Sacramento sun and then at night, he would be researching online for the best party supplies for me.  And Lola did an amazing job with the menu and coordinating the decorations and party gift bags. I LOVED the 60-lb lechon!!!  And wow!  My birthday cake had a huge picture of my smiling face!  Awwwww!

"Is that all really for me????!!! YUMMY!"

Lolo and Lola really went all out for me!  They thought of everything!  Of course there was “Cedro’s Park” — a 4-level cedar playground including a great sandbox!  Did you know that Lolo rented a truck to haul TONS of special non-toxic rubber as the foundation?  He also created a wooden border to contain the rubber and sand and covered each piece of the border with custom cut foam swim noodles in my favorite colors – blue and green – in case someone were to trip and fall.  And we can’t forget the 12 x 12-foot bouncey house with over a hundred colorful balls!  What a great surprise!  That was a huge hit!  Then there was also the custom sun shades, water misters, electric fans, and new patio furniture for both the adults and the kids to keep us all comfortable in the hot afternoon weather.  Lolo even designed custom cement weights complete with safety covers to anchor one of the patio canopies.

© Photos by Ardith Ibañez Nishii

Cedropalooza Backyard Project! Lolo + Lola's yard had been virtually empty except for rosebushes and fruit trees since 1985!

I appreciated all the details and had a blast and I’m positive that everyone at the party did, too!

© Photo by Brian Nishii

So glad Tita Ging was at my party! It wouldn't have been the same without her!

Special thanks also go out to Tita Ging, Lolo Oscar, Lola Marlene, Lolo Nelson, Lola Baby, Tita Kathy, Lola Sally, Tita Estela, Grandma Carol and Grandpa Vic, Tita Ann Lyn and Lola Ligaya for all of your help and/or contributions with getting the yard ready and/or preparing goodies for my DELICIOUS birthday feast.  I know you worked hard for me!  Thank you!

I hope Lolo and Lola realize how much I love and appreciate all their hard work.  Each day that I visit them, without any special training from Mama and Papa, the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is I reach out for Lolo and point to my playground that he lovingly and painstakingly assembled for me.  I make a lot of noise until he takes me out there.  And then when Lola comes to join us for a little bit, I get upset if she has to leave us.  I want us all to play together!

I can’t wait to spend the next couple of weeks with them!!!  I know Lolo and Lola think I’m too young to remember my 1st birthday, but I hope they know that they obviously have a special place in my heart because of all that they’ve done for me.  I love you, Lolo and Lola!

© Photo by Ardith Ibañez Nishii

My first time in Cedro's Park when I first returned from Chicago! Can you tell that I LOVE MY PLAYGROUND! Thank you, Lola and Lolo! (25 July 2011 // Folsom, CA)

One Response to “Thank You, Lolo + Lola, for Cedropalooza + Cedro’s Park!”

  1. miliza August 13, 2011 at 8:01 AM #

    You did ALL for your love to cedro, glo and dan.
    I don’t blame you.
    your apo is lovable.
    honestly, this is one of its kind party.

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