Happy 1st Birthday, Cedro!

5 Aug
© Photo by Brian Nishii

05 August 2011 // Calistoga, CA

Dear Cedro,

Today, you are 1 year old!

I am so proud to be your mom.  If I ever had any doubts about myself and my abilities, those all disappear whenever I look at you.  Because of you, I am able to say that I’ve done something right in my life!  You are a sweet, smart, beautiful and healthy baby boy!  I am enjoying watching you grow.  It is an amazing miracle to see myself and your Papa in you.  You are so special and wonderful that we would want to have another kid, but if for some reason we couldn’t, our lives would be so fulfilled with just you!

Here are some fun and interesting things about you:  When someone says, “Music, please!” you find the buttons to activate the music on your toys and you love to dance (shaking your head side to side and bouncing your body up and down).  You are obsessed with drumming.  Every surface becomes a percussion instrument to you.  You are also obsessed with cars, trucks and trains.  You love the sound of horns and sirens.  Sometimes, you even try to copy the sound with your humming.  You have always enjoyed eating and you often get impatient that you aren’t being fed fast enough!  Lately, you have been enjoying trying to feed yourself AND feeding other people.  You know the sign for “milk,” “water,” “more,” and “hurts.”

You are a thrill-seeker.  You love being chased, climbing stairs, playing peekaboo and being spun around or tossed up in the air. You aren’t walking on your own yet but you can easily turbo crawl and you often stop and turn around in your “Cleaopatra” pose to check to make sure that someone is following or chasing you.

You love to point.  When you grow up, that will be considered extremely rude, but right now it’s extremely cute.  You like to point at trains, dogs and waiters.  You can point out who Lola and Lolo are, their grandfather clock, and the playground that Lolo built for you.

You are definitely an affectionate boy and you love to kiss, but your kisses are big open-mouthed attempts to bite!  Yesterday, you bit your Ate Nuna so hard on the cheek that you left a big red mark and we had to ice her for an hour! But for the most part, you are a sweet boy.  Unless you’re tired, you don’t have a problem with being carried by other people.

One day, you’ll be a big boy and later a grown man.  You’ll have your own life and I won’t get to spend every minute of every day with you.  Until then, I’m enjoying this time when I know that I’m the one who knows you best. I can always count on the fact that you’ll reach for me no matter what.

I love you, Cedro.  Happy 1st Birthday!

Love, Mama


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