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Unpacking Mama’s Packing Job

24 Jul

Unpacking Mama’s Packing Job, originally uploaded by ardiddy aka Cedro’s mama.

Cedro doesn’t want to leave Chicago tomorrow.

1st Pair of Shoes

11 Jul

1st Pair of Shoes, originally uploaded by ardiddy aka Cedro’s mama.

I’ve got a lot of great shoes as gifts and hand-me-downs but this is my 1st pair sized for my feet! I’m officially size 4W but those didn’t actually fit! So I’m wearing 5W! Yup, I have really wide feet like Mama!

11 Months Old Today!

5 Jul
© Photo by Brian Nishii

05 July 2011 // Chicago, IL

A lot has been happening while we’ve been here in Chicago.  I’m not walking on my own yet but I took my first 2 hands-free steps in the Goodman Theatre lobby towards Papa.  (This is where he has been working all summer for David Henry Hwang’s latest play, “Chinglish.”)  I’m starting to look more and more like a little boy.  My 5th tooth is coming in at the top and I’m growing more hair.  I have one big curl on the back of my head!  Here are some other interesting things about me…


  • “Oopsie!”
  • “Goooooaaaaaaalllll!”


  • avocados (veggies in general)
  • tofu
  • prunes
  • French fries
  • Chicago pizza crust à la Lou Malnati’s
  • Trader Joe’s Veggie Potato Snacks (thanks to Tita Jung)


  • to drum
  • to stand
  • to put my hands up over my head when someone says “Goooooooaaaaallll!”
  • to ride around in a laundry basket
  • to eat AND to hold my own utensils to try to feed myself
  • to play with Mama and Papa’s electronics: cell phones, cameras, laptops, remote controls, etc.
  • to point… especially at strangers
  • to hold my hairbrush and use it as a teether
  • to play peek-a-boo
  • to be chased
  • to hear cars honking
  • to copy the sound of sirens
  • to watch the elevated trains in Chicago
  • to sing
  • to brush my teeth


  • high five
  • clap
  • wave “bye-bye”
  • hand something back to you

Chicago Reunion w/ Funkle Ray!

1 Jul
© Photo by Ardith Ibañez Nishii

hanging out with Funkle Ray! // 01 July 2011 // Chicago, IL

My Funkle Ray is driving cross-country in the Nishii-Kim car pulling a U-HAUL trailer of the family’s stuff for their big move to LA for a year!  He’s doing the trip with the help of his Ithaca friend, Uncle Mark.  Chicago was their first major stop last night after 13 hours of driving.  I was SO SURPRISED and HAPPY to find them in our living room when I woke up this morning!  I enjoyed all the hugs and kisses and the quick drum lesson from Funkle Ray.  (He’s a REAL drummer!)

Right now, they’re on their way to Des Moines.  The Funkle visit was way too short, but I’m looking forward to seeing him again in early August in California with Tita Lisa, Ate Nuna and Kuya Issei.  YAY!