Vote for Cedro’s Belly!

4 May
© Photo by Ardith Ibañez Nishii

Vote for Cedro's belly!

At the Pregnancy Awareness Month kick-off last Sunday, I came across the Belli Skincare booth.  They have 3 collections of skincare products for pregnancy, motherhood and babies.  I’ve been enjoying their samples and will probably continue to use their products.  Anyway…. they are having a Belli Beautiful Contest and of course, I immediately entered Cedro into the “Little Tummies” category.

Here’s my description that I included with my photo:

“Cedro is our little Zen Baby! As a first-time mom at 38, I was nervous about my pregnancy, but Cedro is now 9 months old and hasn’t given us anything to worry about! We are so lucky that he is happy and healthy and strong!… This photo was taken this morning as he was rolling around in bed. I love the Shaolin-monk-action-shot feel with his top open revealing his delicious squishy belly. I also love the ecstatic look on his face with his two new teeth peeking out… I know everyone loves their babies but he has a particularly calming effect on anyone who comes into contact with him. He has some serious mojo! You can’t help but smile when you’re around him!”

Please vote for Cedro!  There are only about 19 contestants in his category.  He just needs to beat 381 votes!  He might stand a chance if you all vote for him every day until May 7th!   The winners will be announced after Sunday, May 8th.

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