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Baptism @ Cathedral

31 May

Baptism @ Cathedral, originally uploaded by ardiddy aka Cedro’s mama.

5/29/11 Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels – 1 year anniversary of my baby shower! Great shot by Auntie Rachel! The baptism was performed by the same priest who married Tita Ging + Uncle Danny!

Future Nerd!

22 May

© Photo by Ardith Ibañez Nishii

Uncle Danny recently went to Disneyland and came back with a ton of new clothes for me!  Check out this great FUTURE NERD onesie that he got!  I love it!  I crack up when Tita Ging calls me that!

Last Playdate Before We Turn 1!

22 May
© Photos by Ardith Ibañez Nishii

Mason and I matching with our stripes!!!

Next week, we’re leaving for Chicago and Sacramento.  So glad we got to squeeze in time with the Bierners!  Got to see my buddy, Mason!  We picnicked and danced while listening to this really fun band, Masanga Marimba Ensemble!!!  When we see each other in the fall, we’ll both probably be running around!

Happy Birthday, Lola Nitz!

11 May
Photos by © Arlene Ibañez Yoo

hanging out with Lola Nitz in Folsom (photos courtesy of my Tita Ging © Arlene Ibañez Yoo)

Today is my Lola Nitz’s birthday!  (Lola Nitz is my Lola’s big sister.)  I am so glad we got a chance to hang out with her this past weekend in Sacramento.  We surprised her with a red velvet birthday cake that had a personalized white chocolate covered Oreo cookie with my picture printed in edible ink!  It also said, “I love you, Lola!”  (We found out about Lady Fortunes cookie company from when Lolo and Lola scored a big gift basket during the taping of The Talk during their last visit to LA.)

I love Lola Nitz.  She spent so much time playing with me and talking to me in Tagalog.  Can’t wait to see her again in a couple of weeks!  Happy Birthday!!!!


Mother’s Day!

8 May

Mother’s Day!, originally uploaded by ardiddy aka Cedro’s mama.

My mama loves me!

Go, Tito Manny!

7 May

Go, Tito Manny!, originally uploaded by ardiddy aka Cedro’s mama.

Up wayyy past my bedtime to root for Tito Manny Pacquiao!!!

Lounging Before Our Flight

6 May

Lounging Before Our Flight, originally uploaded by ardiddy aka Cedro’s mama.

Heading up to Sacramento to visit Lola + Lolo for Mother’s Day weekend!