Mommy Milestones

22 Feb

© Photo by Brian Nishii

"Son of a French Fries Freak"... Thank you to Auntie Chris + Uncle Chris for Cedro's "Small Fries" onesie from the Shake Shack in NYC and to Tita Gigi + Uncle Armando for the coin purse that we use for our mountains of laundry!

Never a dull moment in the Ibañez Nishii household ever since Cedro came into our lives.  Today was no exception.  I felt like a true mom.  Had to take Cedro’s temperature for the first time.  With what?  A rectal thermometer, of course.  Yeow!… Cedro was completely unfazed.  Glad to know that Cedro is officially NOT feverish.  He’s had a runny nose so I wanted to put my worries to rest and there you have it…

In other news, we’ve discovered that Cedro prefers my homemade apple sauce to the store-bought organic stuff!!!  Never thought I’d be the type of person to make baby food from scratch.  (See photo above…  ie: There’s a reason why my closest friends have given me French fry-themed goodies for my baby!) Making homemade baby food is actually pretty fun.  Thanks to Cedro’s Tita Lisa and Funkle Ray for sending us our OXO Good Grips Food Mill.  It’s brilliant!  Love how it purees fruits and vegetables and separates the pits and skins from the final product.  Thanks also to Rachel, Mason’s mommy, for sharing the link to the Wholesome Baby Food website.  Been getting a lot of great recipes and cooking tips from there.  Anyway, I was beginning to think that Cedro didn’t like apples.  He has been rejecting diluted apple juice and the store-bought organic apple sauce that we’ve been trying to feed him.  Now I know that he actually likes my cooking.  YAY!

I’m ready to work again so we’re starting to bring in Cedro’s Tita Misa to babysit him for a few hours during weekdays.  Today was the first day of our arrangement and man, those 4 hours flew by!  I’m going to have to learn to be more efficient with my time.

And so my Adventures in Motherhood continue!

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