6 Months Old Today!

5 Feb

6 Months Old Today!, originally uploaded by ardiddy aka Cedro’s mama.

What’s up, Cedro Fan Club! I’m growing so fast.  Right now, I’m napping a lot, sleeping 11 to 12 hours at night in my crib with a food break in the middle. I’m teething and I’m enjoying putting everything in my mouth. I’ve been eating solid (aka mushy) food for the past couple of weeks — rice cereal, avocado and cooked sweet potato. I enjoy standing up (with some help) and feeling carpet with my bare feet (and hands). I love it when someone reads to me and I LOVE TO DANCE! "Around the World" by Daft Punk + "Listzomania (Classixx Remix)" really get me going!… My favorite phrase is "chappu-chappu" (onamonapia for "splish splash" in Japanese)… Oh, and I’ve been known to stop traffic in my neighborhood cuz I’m SO CUTE!… Happy half birthday to me!!!

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