My Lola Emmie

16 Dec

Today, I met my Lola Emmie for the first time.  She’s Lolo’s first cousin.  They grew up together in Manila and are more like brother and sister than just cousins; only one month apart in age!  Mama and Papa haven’t seen her since their visit to the Philippines back in June 2008.  It was so great to finally meet her today!

© Photos by Brian Nishii and Ardith Ibañez Nishii

BEFORE, DURING and AFTER Mama haircut shots w/ Lola Emmie

Lola Emmie is an award-winning hair stylist and make-up artist and she came to spend the afternoon with us.  She even gave Mama a stylish new “mommy-friendly” cut right here at home!  What service!  Speaking of service, Lola Emmie has made front-page news in the Philippines where she has been doing community outreach work on top of managing her two hair salons in Manila.  For example, she has been doing hair and makeup for cancer patients, making them look RADIANT and glamorous!  She also takes time every Christmas season to visit jails and do inmates’ hair.  WOW!  She’s so inspiring!

Lola Emmie is such a warm and caring person.  It’s no surprise that she got me to laugh and smile so much!

One Response to “My Lola Emmie”

  1. carlaong December 21, 2010 at 7:25 AM #

    aaawww! how i wish i was there. sooo adorable… Mama, you’re so blessed. Lola Emmie, inggit ako..

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