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Cedro’s First Halloween Weekend

2 Nov
© Photo by Brian Nishii

Baby Chef Cedro with Lolo + Lola on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica

I’m tempted to call this entry, “Mama Gets 7 Hours of Consecutive Sleep for the First Time Since Cedro Was Born!”  But that’s kinda too long.  😀  Another appropriate title could be, “Thank Heaven for Grandparents!”  But then I would have a million blog posts with the same title.

My parents flew in to spend a long weekend with us.  Friday morning to Monday night they spoiled us by being on Cedro duty AND kitchen duty!  They also brought a suitcase full of gifts and Halloween candy and decorations.  Thanks to Lola and Lolo, Cedro now has his first mobile — the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders mobile.  Lola also found a nifty plastic bag dispenser for his dirty diapers.  The bags have a nice scent and come in a compact roll and case.  What a space-saver in our diaper bag!

One of the highlights of the weekend was being able to leave Cedro with Lola and Lolo so we could go out on a double date with my sister and her husband last Saturday night. We had a blast going out dancing!  We are so lucky that my parents didn’t even hesitate to agree to look after Cedro for us.  In fact, they jumped at the chance!  How lucky are we?!  I know that Cedro appreciated all the Lola-Lolo time just as much as we did.  We could hear him laughing a lot with them all weekend long and it made me happy that he got a good dose of Filipino immersion.

Anyway, family visits like this one remind us that we made the right decision to move to California.

© Photo by Brian Nishii

so happy to be hanging out with Lola + Lolo