Cedro’s First Play Date

25 Oct

Cedro + Mason

Cedro + Mason --- new buddies meeting for the first time 10/23/10 (Photo by Rachel Kim Bierner)

We recently met some new friends through our buddy, Gary Zane.  Rachel Kim Bierner and Jake Bierner have two ADORABLE happa kids, Isabel (2 years old) and Mason (2 months old).  It turns out that Mason was born on July 29th — just one week before Cedro — at the same hospital and delivered by the same doctor!  PLUS, the Bierners live a half a mile away!  How cool is that?

So, Rachel and I made plans for a play date for our boys today — Cedro’s first!  And of course, how could I resist a play date with Mason?  He’s irresistible!

Rachel is supercool and superchill with a compatible parenting style to ours.  I enjoyed swapping random stories and tidbits — from our favorite products to how our boys are developing.  I feel like we hit the jackpot meeting the Bierners!  It’s so weird and amazing that our boys are almost the exact same age and going through the exact same things at the same time.  It’s like I’ve found a study-buddy to help me prepare for the ever-present test of motherhood!

We walked to Le Pain Quotidien in Westwood for breakfast.  (Love that place!  Reminds me of NYC.) It was beautiful and sunny but SO windy!  It was almost unreal how windy it was!  I would have been very amused to see us — two mommies trying to maneuver our matching Graco car seat strollers against the wind.  Well, it was great exercise to say the least!

So now I know what a play date is.  It’s really a mommy date!  A chance to take a break from the seemingly unending cycle of breastfeeding and diaper changing to get out into the world and connect with other people.  Hooray for play dates!

One Response to “Cedro’s First Play Date”

  1. Tita Ging October 25, 2010 at 3:39 PM #

    Sounds like fun!

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