Our First Vlog Entry

20 Oct

We’ve posted a couple of videos to Cedro’s blog already but this is the first time that we’ve created a video specifically to address you all — Cedro’s loving fans!  It’s also an excuse to record something for his hardworking Papa who’s out all day at work, missing his giggles…

Today was a gray. rainy day here in LA, but very productive for baby and me!  First of all, Baby C slept a solid 5 hours in his crib!  That’s one of the longest sleep sessions to date next to his 7-hour sleep marathon in his car seat.  While he wasn’t in his car seat this time, he was nestled comfortably in my U-shaped body pillow that I used while pregnant.  It fits perfectly in the crib.  It keeps him from rolling around onto his face while keeping him at a slight incline to keep his gas bubbles and reflux at bay.  Needless to say, B and I were so proud and relieved that C slept from midnight to 5am!

Today, Cedro and I tried out our Moby wrap baby carrier for the first time.  It proved to be super commmmmfy for both of us.  It’s something that his Tita Mally recommended last year when C’s girlfriend, Vivienne, was born. 😉  (Check out Mally’s blog video about the Moby.)  So, as soon as Cedro was “Dottie” the dot on our first ultrasound, we registered for a chocolate-colored Moby right away!  Thanks to Tita Joan, Tito Gary and Ate Jasmine for getting this for us!  The Moby was pretty easy to put on by myself thanks to some online video demos.  He’s starting to outgrow his Baby K’tan carrier so I’m glad we have the Moby ready and waiting.

Speaking of outgrowing, the two built-in drawers under the crib aren’t gonna cut it anymore to store clothes, bibs, blankets, etc. etc.!  So I was able to re-purpose 3 canvas sweater shelves that my sister and I used during our tshirt-selling days at Filipino festivals.  Boy does this baby have a lot of stuff!!!  He’s only 12 weeks old and his things are taking up half of the closet!  On the plus side, we haven’t had to spend a dime on any of it.  Thanks to the generosity of family and friends, he has TONS of stylish hand-me-downs and brand new clothes.  I’ve only bought one shirt.  Cedro didn’t need it at all.  It was an impulse buy at TJMAXX — my new addiction.

So, anyway, we recorded this video during a break from Operation Closet Reorganization.  Enjoy!

A + C

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