14 Oct


© Photo by Ardith Ibañez Nishii

ID# 489895


I’ve entered the 2010 Gap Casting Call!  Please vote for me!  I am contestant 489895!  Just click on this link and vote for me EVERY DAY until November 14! (Please note that the Gap site tends to be verrrryyyy slowwww during the day so if you can’t get through, try voting in the evenings.  Another way to vote more easily is to page through the GALLERY of Baby Boys and click on the “Fan Vote” button under each of my photo thumbnails.  Keep in mind that not all 5 of my entries are grouped together due to the high volume of submissions.)

I know it seems silly for me to be working so soon as a supermodel, but it’s so easy for me to be so darn cute and adorable!  It doesn’t feel like work at all.  If I win, I get a professional photo shoot out of it!  This would help Mama and Papa document my cuteness!  Plus, I could be a part of a Gap ad campaign.  Then I could REALLY share my cuteness with the world!  And last but not least, I could win a $1,000 Gap gift card.  Wow!  That’s a lot of BabyGap clothes!  And you KNOW I love clothes!  (Well… I love pooping and peeing and therefore, changing my outfits at least twice a day!)

I have other entries that you can vote for, too!  See below.

So remember…… VOTE FOR CEDRO!  Please help me spread the word to all your friends and family!!!  I’d appreciate it!  Thank you!


© Photo by Ardith Ibañez Nishii

ID# 491090



© Photo by Ardith Ibañez Nishii

ID# 491095



© Photo by Ardith Ibañez Nishii

ID# 491061



© Photo by Ardith Ibañez Nishii

ID# 491074


2 Responses to “VOTE FOR CEDRO!!!”

  1. K. Tan October 14, 2010 at 10:46 AM #

    Isn’t he adorable…just like his mom! i will vote for you C. wish you the best of luck cutie! 🙂

    • Cedro October 14, 2010 at 11:03 AM #

      Thank you, Tita Kristine! Good genes run in the family don’t you think?! Hope all’s well… Please spread the word! Salamat po!

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