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31 Oct

HAPPY HALLOWEEN (part 3), originally uploaded by ardiddy.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN fr Old Macdonald, his cow, + the celebrity baby chef prodigy who uses only fresh dairy products!


31 Oct

HAPPY HALLOWEEN (part 2), originally uploaded by ardiddy.

Baby Chef is changed + ready to trick-or-treat!


31 Oct

HAPPY HALLOWEEN (part 1), originally uploaded by ardiddy.

taking a snooze before hitting Santa Monica Halloween festivities


27 Oct


BABY LOVES DISCO!, originally uploaded by ardiddy.

We’re at the Northridge Fashion Center for BABY LOVES DISCO — dance party for kids + babies — sponsored by H&M.  Can’t wait to be out there dancing on my own!  

This is my second “family date” with Mama + Papa.  We seem to love hitting these LA malls.  The first time we all went out for a non-pediatric appointment outing was when we went turbo shopping at The Grove on a Sunday evening back in September and ended up staying for dinner because we were enjoying the family vibe.  That dinner was the first time Mama felt comfortable feeding me out in public!  So anway… the Northridge Fashion Center is another great mall somewhat close to where Papa works for his voiceover gig.  The Baby Loves Disco event was in one of the courtyards just steps away from the weekly farmer’s market where we stocked up on Japanese cucumbers, plums, Korean pear, and quesadillas with homemade tortillas.

It sure was an action-packed day!  Started off with Tita Gwynne and Auntie Shanta in North Hollywood while we waited for Papa to be done with work and ended with a quick visit to Tita Misa who works just down the road from the Northridge Fashion Center.  Another beautiful, sunny day and starry night.  


From Manhattan to Manhattan Beach

26 Oct

From Manhattan to Manhattan Beach, originally uploaded by ardiddy.

Today was my first time in Manhattan Beach.  Hung out w/ my big sisters today — Nyna (in the photo above) + Juna + Kayla. Papa went to high school w/ Nyna + Juna’s dad, Uncle Goshi.  Kayla’s mom is Tita Lisa’s best friend from high school, Auntie Chahee.  So you can say that all our families go way back.

© Photo by Ardith Ibañez Nishii

Nyna, Juna + Kayla

While Kayla was born and raised here in socal, Nyna and Juna are transplants from NYC.  I’m happy to have 3 big sisters who can show me the ropes as I get older.

As you can tell from the photo above, I get a lot of attention from my Oneechan (“big sister”).  She’s always looking out for me and constantly wants to play or hold me.  I hope she feels the same way when I’m running around and talking!

Cedro’s First Play Date

25 Oct

Cedro + Mason

Cedro + Mason --- new buddies meeting for the first time 10/23/10 (Photo by Rachel Kim Bierner)

We recently met some new friends through our buddy, Gary Zane.  Rachel Kim Bierner and Jake Bierner have two ADORABLE happa kids, Isabel (2 years old) and Mason (2 months old).  It turns out that Mason was born on July 29th — just one week before Cedro — at the same hospital and delivered by the same doctor!  PLUS, the Bierners live a half a mile away!  How cool is that?

So, Rachel and I made plans for a play date for our boys today — Cedro’s first!  And of course, how could I resist a play date with Mason?  He’s irresistible!

Rachel is supercool and superchill with a compatible parenting style to ours.  I enjoyed swapping random stories and tidbits — from our favorite products to how our boys are developing.  I feel like we hit the jackpot meeting the Bierners!  It’s so weird and amazing that our boys are almost the exact same age and going through the exact same things at the same time.  It’s like I’ve found a study-buddy to help me prepare for the ever-present test of motherhood!

We walked to Le Pain Quotidien in Westwood for breakfast.  (Love that place!  Reminds me of NYC.) It was beautiful and sunny but SO windy!  It was almost unreal how windy it was!  I would have been very amused to see us — two mommies trying to maneuver our matching Graco car seat strollers against the wind.  Well, it was great exercise to say the least!

So now I know what a play date is.  It’s really a mommy date!  A chance to take a break from the seemingly unending cycle of breastfeeding and diaper changing to get out into the world and connect with other people.  Hooray for play dates!

Mama + Papa’s First Date Night

24 Oct
© Photo by Brian Nishii

Waiting for the bus to Century City at Federal Ave.-Santa Monica Blvd stop

Extra special thanks to my sister and brother-in-law for babysitting Cedro last Friday night so that Brian and I could go out on a date and enjoy some breastfeedling-less sleep!  What an extraordinary gift to us.

Each day we thank our lucky stars that our dream has come true — our dream of living in the same city as Ging (aka Arlene) and Danny.  It has been well over 20 years since I have lived in the same city as my sister!!!  Too long!  Not only do we live in the same city now, but we are walking distance from each other.  Living a mere 9 blocks from each other has been so special, convenient and fun!

We’re eternally grateful that we have Ging and Danny nearby to be an integral part of Cedro’s life.  They have seen him almost every day since he was born.  They are babysitting pros now.  They have already looked after Baby C several times before.  Even my parents have also taken Cedro for the whole night, but that was while we were actually there in the same house.  No… last Friday night was a bigger deal.  This was the first time that we’ve dropped him off away from home for an overnight stay!  It was so nice not to think twice about it; to have people who we could trust unconditionally with our baby.

We had a great great great time.  The date started at Ging and Danny’s place where B whipped up vodka shots for us.  My first shot in a year!  I was pretty much instantly drunk before we left.  In true NYC form, we took the bus to Century City so we could both drink and in true LA form, many of our friends thought we were crazy to take the bus!  But the #4 bus took us straight down Santa Monica Boulevard in less than 15 minutes!  We might’ve waited for the bus for 10 minutes, but we were so busy taking pictures of ourselves and posting updates on Facebook that the time flew by.

The bus dropped us off right there at the Westfield Century City mall.  We got our movie tickets and ended up at Houston’s for dinner before show time.  Houston’s was hoppin’!  We found a great spot at the bar to avoid the long wait for a table.  It was the perfect ambience.  So what if we were at a mall!  It felt very romantic.  It was almost like we were transported back to NYC where we first met.  We enjoyed some deeelish food and wine and good conversation with George, the bartender-slash-actor, who shared with B his thoughts on working in LA.  An interesting side note was that George used to work at the midtown Houston’s location where my girlfriends and I went once for one of our impromptu GNO’s (Girls Night Out) back in NYC!  Small world!

Dinner was over too soon, but we were STUFFED and we had a movie to catch!  We opted to see Hereafter, starring Matt Damon and directed by Clint Eastwood.  I was a little disappointed.  It was a bit drawn out and I think the payoff at the end was a bit abrupt and therefore not quite believable.  Nonetheless, there were some great cinematic moments or images and the young boy’s performance was so heart-wrenching!  Overall, I was still thrilled to be at the movies.  I wouldn’t mind watching it again as a rental.

People ask me if I missed Cedro during the date.  I say that I was fine, but then I think about how I thought the little boy in the movie looked like Cedro!  I must’ve whispered it to Brian 3 or 4 times during the 2-hour-6-minute movie.  Each time, he would look at me like I was crazy and shake his head.  In hindsight, I realize that Cedro looks NOTHING like that little boy!  So I suppose that YES I did miss my baby.

People also ask me if I miss New York.  I miss my friends, of course, but I don’t really miss New York……  EXCEPT when we’re out and about at hmmmm let’s say 12:30am after a dinner and a movie, looking to have a night cap and NOTHING is open!  We decided to just shrug and laugh it off, considering we had made a pack to attend a 9am yoga class the next day.

The bus took us back to our neighborhood in 5 minutes after just a 5-minute wait!  So convenient.

Well, we never made it to yoga class.  We overslept and woke up a few minutes before 9am with my boobs burning from not pumping.  But it was worth it to be able to sleep for more than 2 consecutive hours!  What a luxury.  And what a luxury to just walk to Ging and Danny’s place to pick up our son and spontaneously just hang out and watch movies all day and eat take-out together and have old and new friends also stop by.  We’re definitely enjoying our new life!

© Photo by Daniel Yoo

Hanging out with Tita Ging + Uncle Danny during Mama + Papa's date night

Chick Magnet

21 Oct

Chick Magnet, originally uploaded by ardiddy.

It’s true. Cedro is a major “CHICK MAGNET.” Watch out, ladies!

This onesie was given to Cedro at his Tita Ging’s wedding. But it was so
chaotic, we’ve forgotten WHO gave it to us! The gift merely said “To Cedro.”
If this onesie is from you, please let us know! He also got another baby blue
onesie that says, “I still live with my parents” along with this one. Thank you
to whoever you are!

Our First Vlog Entry

20 Oct

We’ve posted a couple of videos to Cedro’s blog already but this is the first time that we’ve created a video specifically to address you all — Cedro’s loving fans!  It’s also an excuse to record something for his hardworking Papa who’s out all day at work, missing his giggles…

Today was a gray. rainy day here in LA, but very productive for baby and me!  First of all, Baby C slept a solid 5 hours in his crib!  That’s one of the longest sleep sessions to date next to his 7-hour sleep marathon in his car seat.  While he wasn’t in his car seat this time, he was nestled comfortably in my U-shaped body pillow that I used while pregnant.  It fits perfectly in the crib.  It keeps him from rolling around onto his face while keeping him at a slight incline to keep his gas bubbles and reflux at bay.  Needless to say, B and I were so proud and relieved that C slept from midnight to 5am!

Today, Cedro and I tried out our Moby wrap baby carrier for the first time.  It proved to be super commmmmfy for both of us.  It’s something that his Tita Mally recommended last year when C’s girlfriend, Vivienne, was born. 😉  (Check out Mally’s blog video about the Moby.)  So, as soon as Cedro was “Dottie” the dot on our first ultrasound, we registered for a chocolate-colored Moby right away!  Thanks to Tita Joan, Tito Gary and Ate Jasmine for getting this for us!  The Moby was pretty easy to put on by myself thanks to some online video demos.  He’s starting to outgrow his Baby K’tan carrier so I’m glad we have the Moby ready and waiting.

Speaking of outgrowing, the two built-in drawers under the crib aren’t gonna cut it anymore to store clothes, bibs, blankets, etc. etc.!  So I was able to re-purpose 3 canvas sweater shelves that my sister and I used during our tshirt-selling days at Filipino festivals.  Boy does this baby have a lot of stuff!!!  He’s only 12 weeks old and his things are taking up half of the closet!  On the plus side, we haven’t had to spend a dime on any of it.  Thanks to the generosity of family and friends, he has TONS of stylish hand-me-downs and brand new clothes.  I’ve only bought one shirt.  Cedro didn’t need it at all.  It was an impulse buy at TJMAXX — my new addiction.

So, anyway, we recorded this video during a break from Operation Closet Reorganization.  Enjoy!

A + C

Meeting Auntie Mo-Mo + Ahbok Perry

18 Oct

The Donohue-Yung family is visiting from New York!