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Meeting O-Papa

20 Sep
© Photo by Ardith Ibañez Nishii

Meeting My O-Papa

Today, I met my O-Papa for the first time!  He’s my Papa-B’s papa who arrived from Tokyo on his way to Portland for a business trip.  Up until today, I’ve just been communicating with him via Skype.  But I know his voice and I remember his DELICIOUS cooking from our Hawaii trip in January and from his visit to LA in July.

I enjoyed his hugs and kisses all afternoon and evening.  He even made me laugh and smile!…  I have a good feeling that he was very happy to meet me.  He has to leave for work tomorrow but I’m looking forward to spending a couple more days with him next week.

Tita Ging + Uncle Danny’s Wedding

10 Sep

Cedro is almost 5 weeks old.  Here’s a copy of an email sent to Cedro’s grandparents (Dan + Gloria Ibañez aka “Lolo” and “Lola”; Hisao + Hisano Nishii aka “O-Papa” and “Obaachama”;  Jeff + Louise Davis aka “Grandpa” and “Grandma”) and to our siblings and their husbands (Arlene + Danny Yoo aka “Tita Ging” and “Uncle Danny”; Lisa Nishii + Ray Kim aka “Tita Lisa” and “Funkle Ray”).

09/10/10 – 12:20am

hi, family!

this is a quickie.

C had his 1-month check-up on wednesday!  he is now 10.9 lbs, 22.25 inches long, w/ a head circumference of 15″!

he was also a big hit at tita ging and uncle danny’s wedding last saturday.  very calm and peaceful throughout both the ceremony and reception.  we’re so happy for ging and danny and glad that lisa, ray, and the kids were able to join in the celebration!  unfortunately, ging’s best friend’s daughter came down with a cold and couldn’t be a flower girl.  fortunately, elise was more than willing to step in!  it has been an action-packed and memorable week!

that’s all for now!  gotta go.  hope all’s well with everyone!


ps: forgot to mention that we gave cedro his first bath tonight before bedtime and he loved it!  up until now we’ve been giving him sponge baths, but tonight was his first regular bath with his PUJ tub that fits in our bathroom sink.

PUJ Tub from Auntie Trish + Uncle Will (that is NOT cedro fyi)