Saturday Adventure in Rolling Hills Estates

25 Sep
© Photo by Ardith Ibañez Nishii

Kayla-Oneechan watching over me

Papa has a lot of work to do so Mama took me out to visit Auntie Chahee and Kayla, one of my Japanese big sisters or “Oneechan” in socal.  With Auntie Sarah’s help, we hit the road and had lunch with them at Pho Hana.  Mama usually can never finish those gigantic bowls of pho.  But not today!  She finished her chicken pho!  I can’t wait to taste it in Mama’s milk!  The restaurant is a perfect place for families with kids.  We got to eat in a special kids’ room which looked like we were at Chuck E. Cheese!  And Mama was able to breastfeed me comfortably.

After lunch, the ladies and I indulged in a Starbucks run.  Mama really misses coffee so it was a special treat for her to try a decaf Toffee Mocha Frapuccino.  It was perfect for this hot day.

We were supposed to hang out at Auntie Chahee’s new apartment but Mama got distracted by the TJMaxx store.  This was her first time and she found so many amazing deals.  For example, she was surprised to find my special bottle — the Breastflow bottle.  She and Papa bought me my 5 oz. bottle at the Pump Station in Santa Monica for about $5.50.  At TJMaxx, Mama found a 3-pack of 9 oz. Breastflow bottles for only $7.99!  I’m not drinking 9 oz. in one sitting yet but I WILL soon! …  It was so great to have Auntie Sarah there with us.  She and Mama had a blast picking out cool clothes for me.  (I needed more long-sleeved tops as natural SPF for this sunny socal weather.)

Before heading back north, we stopped by Auntie Chahee’s place nearby.  Even though I was snoozing and not complaining at all during our day trip, Mama really needed to change my diaper!  This was her first time trying out Auntie Jan, Uncle Shaun and Maxine’s present to me — a Patemm changing pad.  (See photo above)  Mama thinks it’s a supercool concept for its circular design and pattern AND for the fact that it was invented by a Filipina!

I could tell that Kayla-Oneechan was very curious about me.  I can’t wait to play with her and practice my Japanese when I get older!

We concluded our lazy Saturday back up at Tita Ging and Uncle Danny’s place and watched a bunch of movies and TV shows (Mama and Tita Ging’s favorite hobby).  What a fun day!!!

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