First Tears

25 Aug

Cedro is almost 3 weeks old.  Here’s a copy of an email sent to Cedro’s grandparents (Dan + Gloria Ibañez aka “Lolo” and “Lola”; Hisao + Hisano Nishii aka “O-Papa” and “Obaachama”;  Jeff + Louise Davis aka “Grandpa” and “Grandma”) and to our siblings and their husbands (Arlene + Danny Yoo aka “Tita Ging” and “Uncle Danny”; Lisa Nishii + Ray Kim aka “Tita Lisa” and “Funkle Ray”).

08/25/10 – 12:31am

well it’s official.  Mommy made Cedro cry his first tears.  right about now, he’s going through a growth spurt so he’s eating more and eating longer.  if i don’t get to him right away, i notice that his crying has become louder and more urgent than ever before.  at two weeks old, this is also the time when he starts to cry with tears.  it make me so sad to see it!  it’s not a lot of tears.  his eyes just water.  but it’s like his eyes are telling me “Why, Mommy, why?  Why did it take you so long?  I’m hungry!”

anyway, attached are some of the latest photos.

  • cedro_2010_0822_stroller: Mommy’s first walk with C in the neighborhood in our carseat stroller.  just like he does when he’s in the car, he went right to sleep!
  • cedro_2010_0823_asleep_armsup:  it’s too warm to swaddle him all the time.  this photo shows how he normally sleeps.  with his arms up.
  • cedro_2010_0824_holdinghands: his nails are getting hard enough to use the baby nail clippers.  i had to capture this photo of him holding my hand while he was snoozing.
  • cedro_2010_0824_monkey01: his uncle naoya gave him a bunch of “little monkey” clothes.  here’s part of a photo shoot we did of C after he fell into a milk coma.
  • cedro_2010_0824_monkey02: he’s probably thinking “no more pictures, please!”
  • cedro_2010_0824_sleepingB: brian has been working hard in the recording studio.  when he comes home he likes to cuddle with C.

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