Postpartum Thank You

9 Aug

Photobooth images of Mama + Cedro 08/09/10 at 5:30amCedro is 4 days old.  Here’s a copy of an email sent to Cedro’s grandparents (Dan + Gloria Ibañez aka “Lolo” and “Lola”; Hisao + Hisano Nishii aka “O-Papa” and “Obaachama”;  Jeff + Louise Davis aka “Grandpa” and “Grandma”) and to our siblings and their husbands (Arlene + Danny Yoo aka “Tita Ging” and “Uncle Danny”; Lisa Nishii + Ray Kim aka “Tita Lisa” and “Funkle Ray”).

08/09/10 – 9:45am

thanks again to all of you for your love and support.

it was so great to have lola and lolo here since wednesday night taking care of us.  cooking, cleaning, and helping to look after Baby C!  and it goes without saying that ging and danny were are very important part of the Team Cedro-Masa Delivery!  i’m finally catching up on the qik videos while i breastfeed round the clock and i’m touch by all the help that you provided!  danny, words cannot express how appreciative we are that you set up the qik video site!!!  btw, you’re a natural newscaster!  and thanks so much for saving us with the korean fried chicken!  i’m sorry that delayed you meeting cedro!… papa, thanks for taking the time to come down to LA and helping to rub and console me during labor.  i’m glad you didn’t miss it and were able to bond with Baby C!… ging and mom, thanks so much for being there for me, B, + C during the delivery.  we couldn’t have done it without you!

to grandma, grandpa, o-papa, + obaachama: we can’t wait to introduce you to your new grandson.  if you think he’s cute right now via pictures and video, wait til you meet him!!!

to lisa and ray: thanks again for all your advice, love and support during the pregnancy.  i’m certain that cedro came out perfectly because of Tita Lisa and Funkle Ray’s special love and attention during that critical time in his development!!!  can’t wait to see you and kids at ging and danny’s wedding!

so i thought everyone might enjoy some “photo booth” computer shots that i took with cedro after one of his feedings early this morning.  they don’t quite capture the look on his face as he was watching his crazy mommy at that hour but i thought i’d send them along anyway!

Photobooth photos of Mama + Cedro 08/09/10 @ 5:30am

today is cedro’s first pediatric appointment so we’re heading out soon.


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